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“Sideqik has changed the way we interact with partners to grow our brand. We’re able to spend less time and resources managing promotional partnerships while driving even more effective and measurable results.”

Matt Konigsmark, VP of Marketing @KontrolFreek

“Thanks to Sideqik, we’ve seen a 200% increase in newsletter sign ups, an incredible lift in our brand mentions and identified dozens of new marketing partners. We’ve easily seen a 10x ROI.”

Don @ Extremely Sharp

“Sideqik was our savior. It allowed us to bring our ideas to life in a very easy way. Being a small team, it was very helpful to be able to organize our cross-promotions on the front end and then let the campaign run itself.”


Margarita Mendoza, President & Founder of The Made in America Movement

“As we all know, increasing your audience in today’s “noisy” digital market is hard to accomplish. Sideqik allows me to do that in an unprecedented efficient manner without killing my budget.”

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Adam Kossoff, Social Media Director @ Cellucor

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