Life at Sideqik

Want to know more about what it’s like to work at Sideqik and about our team?

As a venture backed company with founders that have built some great companies before and a team of awesome Sideqiks, we work hard! We also have a ton of fun while doing it. There’s info on each of our rockstars on the about us page but you probably want to know more about what the weeks look like and what people do outside of work.

Outside of work, you’ll find Sideqiks hiking, running, camping, sampling craft beer (and debating which is better), and tons of other things…yes, there may or may not be a foodie on the team. Basically, we’re active! One consistent thing among our team is a serving. We believe love is a verb, not a feeling; it’s a set of behaviors and choice of how to treat others regardless of how we may feel in that moment. Many of us got to where we are because others invested in us. While you’ll see it lived out in different ways, serving and mentoring a big part for many of us. Now, want to see a little more about some of our days, check out the highlight reels below.

Time for Some Fun

Office Wars: Our team had an all out nerf gun war…just erupted and thanks to Valerie for catching it on video.


Sideqik team members live on the edge by trying a number of deathly hot sauces. Just one of our many office fun days. We work hard so we can play hard!


Of course, even marketing can (and should) be fun. Here’s a video we shot one day with our CEO talking about “When marketing takes over your life – A/B testing your life”

Atlanta Internships Sideqik Day @ Stone Mountain: Of course sometimes we get out of the office too. Here was a fun trip with the team to Stone Mountain for Sideqik Day 2014.

Background and Interviews


Tech Hustlers Interview: Want to know more about why we started Sideqik? How about our company culture? Check out this video interview with our CEO and Co-Founder, Kurt Uhlir, with Eric Strait at Tech Hustlers.

Radio Interview: Want to know what internships/apprenticeships at Sideqik are like? Fast forward to 7:35min where talk about interns and hight one of our past AWESOME interns Jose, who is now at McKinsey & Company.

We even try to make conferences fun. Some of our team attended IRCE 2014, the largest global conference for eCommerce and digital marketing.

Atlanta development internshipsLooking for internships in Atlanta? Want to learn real world skills and have some crazy fun? We’re looking for marketing, development and business development interns. Click here to find out more about our Atlanta internships.

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