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The Most Common Social Media Marketing Trends Of 2018

Social Media has evolved magnificently during the last decade. Be it new platforms, different consumption habits, varied forms of communication and the inception of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, etc. These platforms are always coming up with creative features or affordances that add various new dimensions to their services. These […]

Happy Thanksgiving and a Busy Black Friday

It’s almost Thanksgiving here at Sideqik HQ which means all of your Black Friday marketing is about the pay off. While we’re fond of our poem ‘Twas the Night Before Black Friday, this year we thought we’d offer some laughs with Black Friday horror stories. Read on and Happy Thanksgiving from Sideqik! The Longest Line […]

Ways Social Media Advertising Can Affect Your Bottom Line

Many small business owners and professional advertisers hail social media advertising as the holy grail of this industry. Often less expensive than paid advertising with a greater chance of word-of-mouth communication, social media advertising has a lot to offer when done correctly. Unfortunately, most people spend more time thinking about the content and execution of […]