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Ways Social Media Advertising Can Affect Your Bottom Line

Many small business owners and professional advertisers hail social media advertising as the holy grail of this industry. Often less expensive than paid advertising with a greater chance of word-of-mouth communication, social media advertising has a lot to offer when done correctly. Unfortunately, most people spend more time thinking about the content and execution of […]

Influencer Marketing Tips from HyperX

At Sideqik we love celebrating the successes of our customers. We also think they know best when it comes to influencer marketing. This week, we talked to Ryan Romeos, Social and Digital Marketing Manager at HyperX, to talk challenges in the industry and what he thinks is coming next. Sideqik: Great. What are your overall […]

How to beat the Instagram algorithm in 2018

So what is the Instagram algorithm anyway? Basically, the Instagram algorithm favors the photos you interact with. Likes beget views. So followers are shown the content they are most likely to interact with at the top of their feed. That means your content may not be as visible if you don’t post as often. According to Later, […]

5 influencer marketing mistakes you may be making

Influencer marketing has a proven track record of increasing conversions, brand awareness, and many other key performance indicators you may be working toward. In fact, according to marketing guru Neil Patel, influencer marketing has a $23 return on investment dollar for dollar. That’s more than 10x the performance of an average banner ad. But those results are only […]