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7 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing is Fueling High Growth Brands

High growth brands are spending more time and resources on their influencer marketing campaigns for one simple reason – it drives results. In my last article, I talked about what’s causing traditional marketing and advertising to become increasingly less effective and how consumers are embracing the influence economy. Below, we’ll walk you through how brands are […]

Marketing Study – Beards Improve Engagement

[popuppress id=”12777″] Forget new analytics, tools, or sophisticated targeting systems. The newest tool coming to digital marketers is low-tech: beards. In a new report released from our labs team, research noted that beards have a direct correlation to marketing engagement. Sid Barley was the lead researcher in the study. “We took 100 marketers. 25 were […]

Top 7 Job Creators in the United States: Made in America (Infographic)

[popuppress id=”12777″] “Made in America”, “American Made” and “Buy American”. They’re more than a label or slogan created just to sell products. They’re the backbone of a consumer movement that’s creating jobs in America and around the world. This infographic shows 1) the decline manufacturing jobs in America 2) how manufacturing wages in America compare against […]

How Facebook’s New Rules Will Make Your Brand Stronger: Surviving and thriving after Facebook kills like-gating

[popuppress id=”12777″] Facebook will no longer allow any company to “like-gate” their Facebook page or content starting November 5th. While they tried announcing this quietly, with it buried at the bottom of a developers’ announcement, you can’t keep a change like this quiet. Marketers around the world definitely reacted. Some marketers didn’t see this as […]

Marketing Expert Interview Series: Tackling the E-commerce Challenge with Brooks Robinson

[popuppress id=”12777″] As part of Sideqik’s Expert Interview Series, I sat down with Brooks Robinson of Springbot about tackling the e-commerce challenge with better data, smarter actions and more revenue. We all want to win against large enterprises and he knows e-commerce and marketing space in-and-out.   Brooks Robinson is the CEO and co-founder of […]