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In this case study, learn how BALR. leveraged gifting to create great content through influencers and scaled their strategy for their apparel brand.

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Streamline influencer management and build relationships

See how luxury lifestyle brand BALR. streamlined their process and created institutional knowledge across all teams, making it easy to log any interaction with influencers.

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The Challenge

Luxury lifestyle brand BALR. sends gift packages to influencers daily, making it nearly impossible to keep track of what’s being posted on instagram. The gifting strategy makes for great content, with some posts netting more than 200,000 engagements, but as a busy brand, it came with its challenges. Prior to Sideqik, BALR. team members each had their own spreadsheets tracking which influencers they’re talking to and who has posted relevant content.

Enter Sideqik

BALR. used Sideqik to run analysis and compare weeks, months, campaigns, and product collections. Using Sideqik’s platform, BALR. is now able to manage and track influencers in real time.

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