Head of Data

The Head of Data Analytics leads our data analysis team in its mission to extract insights from our data set of billions of pieces of social content. They’re responsible for establishing our data strategy, putting processes in place to implement that strategy, and performing day-to-day analysis tasks as needed in support of our data objectives. They oversee our ongoing efforts to monitor and improve the quality of data in our product, identify opportunities for innovation in our data technology, and ensure that our data efforts are aligned with the needs of all areas of our business.


  • Work with the product team to establish our data strategy and oversee its execution
  • Establish processes for ongoing monitoring and improvement of data quality
  • Solve hard data analysis problems every day
  • Lead and support junior analysts
  • Identify opportunities for innovation in our data technology
  • Communicate with engineering, customer success, and sales teams


  • SQL
  • Python, R, or Ruby
  • Excel
  • Machine learning experience
  • Dataviz experience
  • Excellent verbal and written communicator
  • 5+ years of working experience in a data analyst or data engineering role