This video shows everything that’s wrong with traditional advertising

This video lambasts everything that’s wrong with how traditional ads target millennials This Is a Generic Millennial Ad from Dissolve on Vimeo. Stock footage and photography site Dissolve made waves on Tuesday when it released a video showing a generic advertisement targeted at anyone born between 1980 and 2000. The video spoofs all the classic […]

50 Shades of Grey Through a Marketer’s Eyes

There has been so much hype over the controversial movie over the past few weeks frankly, we could go the rest of our lives without hearing another word about it. We do have to hand it to their marketing team, they have done an amazing job advertising and getting the word out. If you haven’t […]

Why are these the worst marketing fonts?

Fonts are seriously important in marketing. Amazingly, fonts can convey all kinds of messages besides the words written. Fonts can make your brand’s personality shine through, but keep in mind not all fonts are created equally. You probably already know that consistency in fonts is a must, but consistently using these three fonts in your […]

The Team’s Holiday Advice

Listen up marketers, a blogger is talking. You’ve worked hard all season. From way before Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve is a country-wide marketing sprint. This isn’t marketing advice, this is advice for not only surviving but enjoying your next few days off. Unplug Seriously guys lay off the electronics. Disconnect for a few days […]

Spel Chek Is Stoopid, Rite? WRONG!

It’s 4 pm and the day is winding down. You’ve just written copy for that new email blast. You haven’t hit up your leads in a while, so it’s imperative you get this out. You do a quick glance over of 2.7 seconds and click send. And then… “Oh, $#@!” You notice a spelling error. […]

Super Tip Tuesday: The Best Place on the Internet to Hide a Body

tips for affiliate program newbies

No, it’s not Camden, New Jersey. Nor is it Boston’s infamous Charlestown neighborhood. Instead, we’re talking about the second page of Google: where sites go to die! When looking for a new TV or that chic, new restaurant, how many of you have never been beyond Google’s first page before changing your search? That’s what […]

‘Twas the Night Before Black Friday

This year we are poised to spend even less time with our families with shops opening as early as 6 pm the day before Black Friday or, as some of us like to call it Thanksgiving. We decided to have a little fun with a holiday classic and remind everyone that fighting over sales at […]

Any Other Marketers Feel Like This? #MarketingBurnout

Usually, we hit this marketing fail point by Friday about 4 pm. Not gonna lie, sometimes we start our Monday mornings like this too. A little marketing burnout happens to everyone whether you are on the grind for months or it strikes every Friday afternoon. Here are a few tips to help you overcome: Challenge […]