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Coca-Cola uses influencers to connect with digital natives and create brand love around specific passion points. This case study looks at how Coke vets influencers over the course of a year through product deliveries and how Sideqik helped them measure the results.

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Track success through continued influencer relationships

How Coca-Cola generated nearly 5x earned media value by building connections with influencers.
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The Challenge

Since Coke ESports worked with nearly 100 influencers over the course of the year, it was incredibly important that they track the results of their gifts and see which influencers proved to be true friends of the brand. In order to know which influencers to continue working with, they needed an easy way to track who was providing the most value over time.

Enter Sideqik

Coca-Cola used Sideqik to automatically track influencer mentions, as well as finding and engaging with influencers they were interested in working with. Through the Sideqik platform, Coca-Cola generated 86,841 engagements for a 571% ROI.

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