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To support several product launches, Corsair launched a global ambassador program to generate brand awareness throughout the year with this evergreen influencer strategy.

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How Corsair grew an evergreen influencer program to global scale.

Corsair is one of the world’s leading providers of high-performance PC peripherals and
components. As a hardware company, it’s important for their marketing to be relatively evergreen.

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The Challenge

Many brands leverage influencers for single campaigns or activations around a particular launch. With over 50 product launches each year, Corsair needed a way to keep the conversation going with consistent content throughout the year. They also needed a solution that would scale to allow them to reach their audience globally.

Enter Sideqik

Fueled by our expertise in social engagement, find out how Sideqik helped Corsair get over 10,000 applicants, and quadruple their exposure through influencers. In this study, you’ll see how Corsair scaled their influencer strategy to incorporate a global ambassador program.

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