4 Ways to Reach Your Frustrated Customers

4 Ways You Can Reach Frustrated Customers

So you want to reach your frustrated customers?

Well, first things first, It’s you, not them. Seriously.

You might be getting a steady flow of new customers through your loyalty program every month but if they’re not participating in your promotions then you aren’t really reaching them. Even if your attrition rate is low, you can’t deem the program successful. If the majority of your members are frustrated with your program or even “indifferent” to your program then you aren’t really reaching them.

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Think of it this way, just because you accept an invite on Facebook it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to do anything about it, right? You honestly just want to get rid of another unread notification that keeps bugging you.

The same thing could be happening with your customers. Your reaching a wide audience with your notifications but nothing’s happening because they aren’t interested in actually participating. Or worse, they’re participating but they quit before they redeem the rewards you offer them.
So how do we get them interested once the relationship goes stale?

Check out our infographic below to help you improve your customer relationships. It’s not that complicated, really. These 4 simple tips can quietly give any program a face-lift.


4 Ways to Reach Your Frustrated Customers


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