What to Look for When Finding an Influencer

Brands are using influencers to advertise their products as a way to connect with an increasingly digital audience. With social media use at an all-time high, U.S. consumers are 81% more likely to purchase an advertised product when an influencer they follow is featured in the same content.

The Influencer Value

In order to find the perfect influencer for your brand, you first need to know what to look for. In this e-book, we’ll share guidelines on what to look for in an influencer, how to find them, and ways to leverage them beyond paid posts.

Finding the right person to represent your brand can not only encourage brand loyalty, but can increase the amount of purchasing power the brand has with its target audiences.
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How to Search for Influencers

Understanding the benefits of each type of influencer is crucial for your brand to continue moving forward in the selection process. After differentiating between size, engagement and reach, brands can narrow their search even further to ensure the people they partner with will be the most successful for their campaigns. Even though size and engagement seem like the most important elements…

How Can I Use Influencers?

Brand Awareness

Action From the Base

A Larger Community Through Influencers

Product Launch

New Store Opening

Ambassador Program

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Let's Talk Influence

Powering the world’s largest brands, Sideqik’s integrated influencer marketing platform gives you control of how you discover, manage, and measure your influencer marketing.

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