3 Reasons Live Streaming is a Game Changer for Your Influencer Campaigns

Live streaming is an excellent platform to reach new potential customers. From Instagram, to Twitch, to Facebook Live, it offers a massive amount of benefits to your brand if you team with an influencer that buys into what you’re doing. Here’s a few reasons why it can be a game changer.

It’s raw, and relatable. When you’re live, and interacting with live chat, there’s no room for a script. But the modern consumer responds to that much more positively than they do a prepackaged video, especially if you have the right influencer presenting it.

Instant feedback. You’ll find out immediately what the public thinks of your hot new product when chat starts filling up. While this can be scary – no one likes negative reactions – the reality is that this is first party data, which is extremely valuable for your brand and useful for your future marketing decisions. 

Wider audiences. If you’re presenting a product demo in a brick and mortar store or another physical location, you’re limited by that physical space, not to mention asking more out of potential customers by asking them to show up for your pitch. With a live stream, you have unlimited potential on viewers, and all you’re asking them to do is make a couple of clicks to get there.

Read how some of our clients utilized our platform to maximize their ROI with their influencers.

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