Why 75% Of Marketers Are Working With Influencers

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Influencer marketing is being incorporated into more marketing strategies as it grows in popularity.  Marketers are realizing the value of influencer marketing, and therefore including it in their yearly budgets.

However, many have difficulty connecting with the right influencers.  Sometimes marketers fail to realize that some influencers are not the right fit for their brand. In addition, some marketers don’t understand the right metrics to measure influencer engagement or overall performance of their programs. While they realize that influencers are important, they don’t know how to track the contributions influencers have on their marketing campaigns.

What could be better?

Metrics, the cornerstone of any successful marketing campaign, give brands the ability to identify their top performing influencers and reward them accordingly. Being able to establish and reward top-performing influencers will continue to keep them motivated and invested. It’s best to identify what your influencers value in the relationship as soon as possible. Rewarding your influencers with incentives they don’t care about will actively repel participation from all but your most devoted influencers.

What’s an incentive?

Don’t assume that incentives need to be in the form of monetary value. A desire to grow reach and audience motivates as many as 55 percent of influencers. They are more than happy working alongside you if you can help them achieve these goals. You can also provide them with shareable content and give them the opportunity to gain access to your industry. Finding what works best for your particular influencers will go a long way in developing good relationships with new and existing influencers and ultimately improve your brand image.

Wrap up

It’s not astonishing that influencer marketing has remained a well-accepted option, given how effective it is. Savvy marketers will no doubt continue to increase their budgets and refine their processes. Developing an influencer program that best shows off your brand’s strengths can make all the difference.

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