ANNOUNCING: Sideqik Partnership with Awin and ShareASale

Sideqik, the end-to-end influencer marketing platform, today announced an integration with Awin and ShareASale, the fastest-growing affiliate marketing platforms in North America, to enable brands to build a scalable, repeatable and predictable revenue engine through engaging creator partnerships.

“Influencer marketing is becoming a mainstay of marketing strategy for companies of all sizes,” said Jeremy Haile, CEO of Sideqik. “Our end-to-end influencer platform and AI-powered insights take the guessing out of creator campaigns and allow brands to execute seamlessly at scale. We are excited to partner with Awin and ShareASale to streamline campaigns and drive meaningful revenue for brands.”

Through Sideqik’s database of more than 60 million creators across the 10 most popular social networks, the Awin Group’s 21,200 retailers can now better identify relevant, brand-safe creators, streamline relationship management and grow their sales and customer base, all while utilizing Sideqik’s robust, AI-powered database to provide actionable insights and real-time reporting throughout the entire influencer marketing lifecycle.

“Across the industry there is a growing demand from consumer brands to execute more profitable, better measured influencer marketing campaigns,” said Joris Cretien, Partner Growth Director at  Awin. “Awin and ShareASale’s integration with Sideqik allows our brands to identify and manage creator partnerships, deploy spend at scale and report on the return – a critical element for smaller businesses with tighter budgets – all through Sideqik’s robust tool set.”

Through Sideqik’s partnership with the Awin Group, brands of all sizes can:

  • Discover creators easily: Find influencers that match a brand’s campaign style and budget. Sideqik’s unique algorithm can also match brands with creators similar to those they currently or aspire to be working with.
  • Streamline relationships: With Sideqik, everything retailers need to communicate with influencers is in one place – send direct messages, emails and creative within the Sideqik platform.
  • Measure engagement: Sideqik’s AI-powered insights provide quantifiable results from creator initiatives to prove business impact. Goals tracked include coupon redemptions, earned media value, website conversions ROI and more.

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