How More Networks Create More Results

Myspace, LiveJournal, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram. The progression of social media networks has increased with advancements in technology, resulting in a myriad of ways for consumers to connect with brands and with one another. For marketers and advertisers, these platforms are an opportunity to leverage new reach across new networks of people. As more consumers are flocking to apps, more brands should consider following suit in order to achieve their best possible results.

The Benefits of Networks for Influencer Marketing

When there were only a handful of networks, brands had to deal with oversaturation in limited markets. It was easy for lots of different brands to push their marketing and advertising efforts into smaller areas. However, this resulted in overcrowded platforms with little differentiation from consumer to product. As more networks were introduced like Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, more opportunities were created for brands to connect with their audiences in new, innovative ways. 

It’s important to understand that the way each network acts is entirely independent of one another. Where certain demographics flock to Twitch for streaming videos and walkthroughs of gameplay, others flock to YouTube for clothing hauls, days-in-my-life videos and more. From differences in conversation down to nuances in tone, each platform has a different way to communicate with one another, resulting in a variety of people and interests flourishing across each. Since each network has a different way of communication and presentation, brands and advertisers must adapt their strategies to fit the differing styles of each network and its users. This might require multiple unique strategies across each social media platform to ensure your brand is getting the most reach and engagement out of its content.

For brands, this presents an interesting opportunity in the influencer marketing industry. If your brand is actively engaging with certain demographics but wants to access more, how do you leverage growth against your current opportunities? The answer lies in networks. 

How Different Networks Increase Your Reach

Currently, there are more networks to measure the success of influencer campaigns than ever before.

Although 80% of marketers in the influencer space are using Instagram to promote their brands, there is still a large percentage of other networks that your brand could be optimizing for its strategies. In order to identify the areas where your strategy needs improvement, your brand can start by analyzing the way that influencers react on your current platforms. Here’s a list of networks and the value marketers can get from them:


The OG of influencer marketing channels, Instagram is a fan-favorite for marketers because of its easy use and high visual appeal. Instagram allows content creators to showcase their unique abilities with visual design and graphics, while using photography and videography to get the message across further.


Although Facebook is one of the older networks, it can still be utilized to improve digital marketing campaigns. Facebook leans more on paid advertisements and specialized groups or events, allowing marketers to diversify their brand into new niches and find hungry fanbases eager for new products. 


Twitter acts as an indicator of how trends, culture and events are performing in real-time. Known for its sarcasm and irreverent humor, Twitter is a great opportunity for marketers to showcase how on-trend their brands are with witty commentary, memes and more.

Tumblr and blogs

Tumblr and other blog sites are important because of their audiences. Each blog or account on Tumblr has a person behind it, and other accounts are directly influenced by the brand or products that blog users are writing about. For this and other reasons, Tumblr and blogs serve as great entry points for reviews and recommendations.


Pinterest operates as a visual board while linking to external content. This ability combines blogs and the photographic element of Instagram into one network–allowing marketers and brands to utilize this in their digital strategies. If you have a product or service to market, frame it aesthetically and link it to an informative product article!

Twitch and Mixer

Twitch and Mixer are both video-streaming platforms. Although video-streaming is commonly synonymous with gamers, there are tons of opportunities for non-endemic brands to partner with influencers on Twitch and Mixer for maximum exposure to their massive followings.


Known for its quick, ephemeral content, Snapchat is a network that allows people to instantly communicate with one another through disappearing messages or videos. For brands and marketers, the quick video format allows for creative use of their vertical-only display for ads, placements and more.


More marketers are flocking to TikTok because of its popularity and quick growth over the past couple of years. TikTok gives brands and marketers the ability to go viral by hopping on trends with unique, on-brand videos that parody the current viral themes.

While most brands already have a form of influencer analysis, by taking a deeper look at the behavioral patterns of your influencers on certain platforms you can get a better idea of where people are engaging the most and where there are gaps in your strategy. For example, if most of your influencers engage with content on Instagram and YouTube, there might also be similar influencers with similar niches on smaller networks that your brand could be connecting with.

By expanding the number of networks that your brand exposes itself to, you’re also increasing the overall reach of your product, service and brand name. Your brand can measure its ROI from multi-network campaigns in a variety of ways, including brand recognition, brand loyalty, awareness of new stores or product launches, direct sales and more. The more networks that your brand uses to its advantage, the more opportunities you have to connect directly with a user that could eventually become a consumer of your product, service or name.

For that reason and more, Sideqik utilizes the most number of networks out of any other platform currently on the market. This allows Sideqik to provide cutting-edge, data-driven insights that show complete metrics of your influencer marketing campaigns. Because Sideqik leverages the most networks, your influencer campaigns can also generate the most comprehensive reports through the easy-to-use platform.

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Maria Lewczyk

Maria Lewczyk

Maria Lewczyk is the PR and Content Specialist at Sideqik. As a digital media maverick, Maria has years of experience in copywriting, publicity, social media, branding strategy, marketing and advertising. As a creative professional, Maria likes to use storytelling to help brands communicate their message and connect to people on a deeper level.

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