Health and Wellness Influencer Marketing: A Guide for Brands

Social media has become a go-to source for individuals all over the country looking to learn more ways to stay healthy and fit. Health and wellness companies have looked at social media marketing strategies to bring their products to the market and increase sales.

In particular, influencers are gaining a stronghold on boosting fitness and diet strategies for online users. As such, companies have begun implementing health and wellness influencer marketing campaigns to raise sales of their products and gain more prestige in their industry. 

In the guide below, we cover how influencers impact the health and wellness market, and the different types of content influencers use. We describe the steps you need to take when developing a health and wellness influencer marketing campaign. Keep reading to learn all about it! 

What Health and Wellness Influencers Cover

The typical products that health and wellness influencers market online include:

  • Apparel
  • Equipment
  • Nutrition
  • Coaching services
  • Mobile apps
  • Mental health services/advice
  • Mindfulness tips and strategies

Here’s a look at each of these topics.


Health and wellness influencers can emphasize the importance of exercise and athletics while wearing certain exercise clothes and gear. For example, swimming can be a great way to stay in shape. 

Influencers can use swimsuit apparel to both emphasize a key way to remain healthy and fit as well as market the relevant apparel. In addition, during the COVID-19 pandemic, clothing brands like Wantable and Underarmour have designed and provided masks to frontline healthcare workers to promote health and wellness.


Brands are also using health and wellness influencers to sell sports equipment and wearable technology for consumers interested in staying healthy and fit. 

For instance, influencers may post photos on social media of playing basketball with a smartwatch on their wrist to advertise health and wellness tracking devices. Instagram is one of these platforms where you can find many popular fitness influencers.


Health and wellness creators or influencers also play a significant role in marketing nutritious foods and drinks. There are countless blogs and videos on the internet describing healthy types of foods to eat so that one’s diet is full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.


In addition, influencers have taken on a coaching role for consumers looking to boost their health and wellness. For example, a personal trainer can be a type of coach who helps customers stick to a customized fitness routine to meet their goals.

For example, Emily Skye is a Reebok global ambassador and an online coach teaching women weight training exercises to promote weight loss.


You will find numerous mobile apps online geared toward the health and wellness market. A number of them teach you how to lose weight and eat the right foods. Others will help you track your sleep and provide strategies for getting a good night’s sleep. 

You’ll also find some mobile apps geared toward improving your mental health and focusing on mindfulness.

Mental Health

A trusted health influencer can also provide tips on improving your mental health. They can advertise mobile apps and wearables to provide a way to track your overall mood or provide suggestions to meditate and relax.


Mindfulness is a form of meditation where you focus strongly on what you can feel and sense in the moment. As a type of meditation, it involves breathing exercises and guided imagery to help you relax and feel better. 

Why Buyers Look to Health and Wellness Influencers

You will find that consumers typically consider the options promoted via health and wellness influencers as a form of inspiration to remain healthy and fit. Essentially, macro and micro-influencers can help people get more pumped up and excited to follow new exercise routines or diet tips.

Real People’s Perspectives

The reasons greatly vary when it comes to why someone would choose to follow a specific influencer. Some reasons include the influencer:

  • Helping people learn to love their body,
  • Promoting ways to take care of one’s mental health,
  • Providing entertaining ways to stay fit, and
  • Promoting serenity and mental health tips


You will find that top influencers in this market essentially sell happiness and fitness. The desire for happiness can be genuinely inspiring, and influencers use this inspiration to sell their brand and boost consumer trust.

Effective Content Types for Health and Wellness Influencers

There are numerous types of content that influencers in the health and wellness industry use, such as:

  • Blogs
  • Videos 
  • Image carousels
  • Live events
  • Tutorials
  • Frequently asked questions or FAQs
  • Product reviews or unboxings
  • Workout videos

We delve into each of these content types below.


You can find tons of blogs online promoting ways to stay healthy either via dieting and cooking tips, exercise strategies, mental health advice, or ways to track your sleep. Influencers tend to blog about some or all of these topics.


Influencer marketing programs have utilized videos in a variety of health and wellness protocols, including physical training media.  On YouTube and other platforms, health and wellness influencers have posted yoga, Pilates, and dance videos, as well as kickboxing and aerobics instructions. 

Image Carousels

Influencers have also used image carousels to promote health and wellness brands. An image carousel is an advertising method that involves several videos or images positioned into a single advertisement. 

You are more likely to find these marketing strategies on Facebook and Instagram.

Live Events

Influencers have also promoted physical and mental health strategies along with company brands through live events, such as at:

  • town halls, 
  • presentations at festivals, and 
  • conferences.

They use social media and email marketing to advertise these live events and get a crowd.


Further, health and wellness influencer marketing campaigns utilize Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in their blogs, white papers, and email marketing content to answer their consumers’ most pressing questions. With great information on their websites, these brands gain more influence in their market. 


Another great strategy utilized by influencers is posting tutorials online or sending them out via email. Influencers can also create tutorials in real-time and conduct an event through Google Meet or Zoom video meetings. 

Product Reviews/Unboxings

Influencers have also gained a stronger reputation after posting product reviews after utilizing various health-based products and services. Usually, product reviews look at multiple items in the same part of the market and offer the pros and cons of each.

Workout Videos

Health and wellness influencers use workout videos to promote a better quality of life and teach their consumers how to stay fit. Influencers may advertise specific brands throughout these videos, such as clothing apparel or a particular yoga mat.

How to Find the Right Wellness Influencer for Your Brand

When searching for the right wellness influencer, you should consider your target audience and what type of media your consumers seek. You can find many wellness influencers on social media platforms who have tons of earned media followers and strong engagement. 

For instance, if your target audience uses Instagram the most, find several popular wellness influencers on this platform to represent your brand.

Keys to Running a Successful Health and Wellness Influencer Campaign

The main strategies you can use to implement a successful health and wellness influencer marketing campaign are:

  • Research your target audience
  • Set measurable campaign goals
  • Find the right influencer for your brand
  • Create a campaign brief
  • Launch your campaign
  • Assess performance and results
  • Find ways to improve the next campaign

Research Your Target Audience

Consider the demographics of your target audience as well as the typical personality and values of your customers.

Set Measurable Campaign Goals

You will also need to create specific goals, such as converting 20 percent of website visitors into actual consumers of your products or services.

Find the Right Influencer Fit for Your Audience and Brand

As previously mentioned, the right influencer who fits your brand will target your standard audience members on particular social media platforms and promote higher engagement with your brand. 

Write a Campaign Brief

You’ll need to write a great marketing campaign brief outlining your marketing strategies. The perfect influencer campaign brief will need to define how to increase engagement and boost sales numbers.

Launch Your Campaign and Measure Performance

Once your campaign has fully launched, you can use Google Analytics and SEO tracking software to check how well your marketing strategies are performing.

Assess Results and Improve for Next Time

Did you reach your goals? Are your sales numbers as high as you wanted? If not, check the strategies that have shown the least engagement and optimize them for improved results the next time.

Top Health and Wellness Influencers

The top health and wellness influencers on Instagram include:

  • Kayla Itsines
  • Amanda Rocchio
  • Mark Hyman
  • Adriene Mishler
  • Michael Greger, MD
  • Ali Ramadan
  • Melissa Wood

Brands using top wellness influencers and content creators to market their products have seen great results. For example, the subscription-based company FabFitFun has gained more significant subscription numbers due to influencer marketing campaigns.

How Your Brand Can Get Started with Health and Wellness Influencer Marketing and Track Influencer Metrics All in One Place

With Sideqik Discovery, your brand can better identify suitable influencers who can help your brand expand. You can also view and assess influencer metrics and their audience demographics in one place. Get started today!

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