How to Use TikTok to Boost Your Revenue

So you’re looking for new ways to get your brand in front of the eyes of younger millennials and Gen Zers. You know that they don’t watch cable or movies, so traditional ads and product placement in those mediums won’t be helpful. Studies show that most Gen Zers get their entertainment from two major sources: video games and social media. How do you boost your revenue by getting your product in front of them on those channels?

We’ve talked about how to get your brand more visibility with the video game crowd in previous posts, but today we’ll focus on social media. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen the effect that TikTok has had on the social media scene in the past couple of years. Its user base has grown from 55 million in 2019 to over 1 billion users in late 2021. Yes, you read that right. It’s one of the heavier hitters on the social media scene now, especially among younger audiences. 

TikTok is the way to go to get your brand in front of the millennial and Gen Z crowd. But how do you take this advice and turn it into actions and results for your brand? 

The Advantages of Advertising on TikTok

Some marketers are still skeptical of the value of advertising on TikTok, citing a belief that it’s not worth the time and resources to advertise on the platform. But Tiktok ads have a lot going for them. Some of their advantages include:

They’re easy to create. TikTok’s ad suite is simple to use. It’s broken down into four steps: Choose your goal, select your audience, set your budget, and then create your ad. It’s just as accessible as the other social media giants when it comes creating your ads and optimizing them.

They’re accessible for almost any budget. Budgets for Tiktok ads start at just $50, and scale up from there.

They fully engage their audience with video and audio. This is a huge advantage that TikTok enjoys over its competitors. Since TikTok originated as short form videos with music added, sound is on for TikToks by default. This means great things for your brand if you want your ad’s audio to be heard. Comparable ads on Facebook and Instagram often don’t have their audio turned on, or the user has purposely disabled it. Users on TikTok will not disable their audio, since sound is such a huge part of the experience.

Tiktok and Social Commerce

You might also be wondering how to close any potential sales. Sure, your influencer is doing a great job of highlighting your product with a well planned and executed campaign. But how do you convert that success into sales?

Since TikTok introduced Shopify integration to their platform in late 2020, the answer to that is simple. It even includes a “TikTok pixel” which allows social commerce merchants to track users browsing their site, whether they place items into their cart, placing orders, and completing payments. 

And if you’re thinking that this is only useful for small businesses, think again: even businesses as large as Wal-Mart are using the platform to take advantage of TikTok’s new integrations. 

Engagement Leads to Sales

As we’ve pointed out before, Tiktok’s ability to make videos go viral is the platform’s signature feature. Even if you’re starting from nothing – as in, zero followers – you can still make an immediate impact and gain possibly millions of views with the right video at the right time. This is all possible because of the platform’s unique algorithm. 

TikTok’s engagement rate averages anywhere between 3% to 9%, which far outpaces the other big social media platforms. If the first 200-300 people who see your video like what they see, and interact with it by liking, commenting, and sharing it, the amount of views your video receives can skyrocket in a very short time. 

The main takeaway you should have from this information is to work with your influencer to create a compelling video to launch your campaign, and don’t be afraid of making an immediate splash on TikTok with it, even if you’ve never done anything on the platform before. If your ads stand out, it will immediately reward you for it. 

If you choose an influencer who is the right fit for your brand, they can help elevate your brand on TikTok in a very short amount of time and get your products in front of an audience that skews heavily toward 35 and younger in age.

Interested in finding the best influencers for your brand and elevating your visibility on TikTok? Schedule a call with Sideqik today to learn more about what you can do to boost your revenues by leveraging TikTok.

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