The importance of authentic influencer content

The importance of authentic content

Or, how to learn to trust your influencers

You’ve found the perfect social media influencer to promote your brand. They’ve been testing your products and that first post is about to drop. It’s understandable to want to micromanage what’s being said about your company, but audience feedback suggests that’s not a good idea.

In a recent article about female YouTubers, Buzzfeed found that “a common refrain among viewers is that advertising in videos is reasonable as long as it’s not too overt.” That means lackluster product shots and pre-written scripts are out.

The whole reason businesses are moving toward influencer content instead of straightforward celebrity endorsements or expensive ad campaigns is that audiences appreciate authenticity.

According to a 2014 study by Hunter Qualitative Research commissioned by digital-media firm Defy Media, 63 percent of millennials (respondents 13-24) said they would try a product or brand recommended by a YouTube personality, versus only 48 percent who said the same about a TV or movie star. That means influencer content counts more for younger demographics.


What does this mean for your branded content?

Let your influencer have some creative license. They didn’t amass their massive following without knowing what their audience (and your target demographic) wants to see. Sure, maybe they won’t hit all the tech specs. Maybe they’ll even notice that one design element that is quirk-some, but it’s that failure to meticulously detail every benefit of your business that speaks to viewers.

After the content is released you’ll be able to check metrics and engagements. Hopefully, you’ll see positive results instead of comments that litter some less-favored influencers.


You’ve partnered with a pro, trust them.

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