Influencer Marketing and Ad Blocker

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Ad tech companies are being hit big by ad blocking software. With over 150 million people actively using ad blocking software on their devices and smartphones now coming packaged with their own versions of ad block out of the box. Coupled with the fact that clicks on ads have fallen to 0.05%, it is no wonder that many are looking for a new solution.

The dynamics of reaching your audience is going through a radical change. Content marketing is quickly taking over as it offers consumers the opportunity to share brand stories and develop authentic relationships with their audience. Instead of depending solely on images, brands are using written and visual forms of content for customer engagement. They have to look to other more creative channels in spreading their brand message.

The trouble however is how to get their brand message straight to their audience. Before now, the strategy has been to build a robust fan base for their brands through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Influencer marketing helps send message straight to the heart of audience through the use of social media. As the number of influencers continue to increase across the world with each having expertise in different niches with some taking to YouTube in promoting their favorite brands, it is about time brands seized this opportunity.

Brands that have made progress so far, now understand that content creation and influencer marketing are marketing strategies that go hand in hand with each other. As ad blocking continue to increase, influencers are increasingly using it to their advantage in getting brand messages out there for people to read. This has created an evolution in the industry, as more content marketers are pushing the limits of content creation.

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