More Ways Your Brand Can Get Involved with Halloween

Looking for more ways to get involved in this year’s spooky season? We’ve got you covered. It doesn’t matter if what you sell has nothing to do with Halloween. With a little creativity and ingenuity, your brand can get in on the fun as easily as brands with a natural connection.

Decorate your location. If your brand has a brick and mortar presence, a few pumpkins, bats, and other classic halloween imagery can immediately make a difference. Even if you’re exclusively digital, creating a specialized backdrop for your website can show customers that you’re enjoying the season as much as they are, and connect with them that way.

Create a promo tied to the season. It can literally be as simple as making a sales code called “BOO22”, or as complex as a more detailed reward system for shopping at your location during the season. It’s all about acknowledging the spooky season.

Create a contest. You don’t have to sell Halloween related products to throw your own costume or decorating contest. Give out prizes or discounts to the winners or participants as you please, and watch your engagement rise. Many of your customers are already planning on wearing a costume. Why not give them a reason to see more value out of wearing it?

Want a few more ways to get involved with Halloween this season? Here are a few ways to get your content creators involved.

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