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New Integration: Tracking How Influencers Make an Impact

More than 60% of marketers measure influencer marketing ROI with earned media value. While Sideqik customers already get automated earned media value and ROI reporting in our platform, they can now add revenue, conversion, and payment tracking through our new Impact integration.

Joining with our other integration partners, Sideqik customers will be able to view tracked actions, payments, and conversions from the Sideqik platform, providing more insight than ever before to how their influencer and affiliate activity is affecting a brand’s bottom line. 

In addition, with this integration, users will also be able to…

  • Track influencer marketing ROI based on earned media value, conversions, and revenue
  • Streamline setup for tracking IDs using Sideqik’s automated form collection
  • Sideqik Forms collect influencer information and sync that data with their Impact profile
  • Identify performance trends by individual influencers or by campaign
  • Export conversion and revenue data generated by influencers or affiliates

*screenshots do not represent real data or real campaigns.

This partnership is the missing piece in a puzzle that influencer marketers have been working to solve since the advent of the industry. While vanity metrics may have ruled the past out of necessity, we have the metrics now to move influencer marketing toward a more attribution- and data-based decision-making process.

Impact enables digital brands and agencies to maximize their return on global advertising spend by providing a view into the consumer’s journey from an ad impression through acquisition across all devices and channels. The company is known for building a SaaS technology platform for performance marketing professionals to grow and manage all of their revenue-generating partnerships. 

At the beginning of social media marketing when Facebook first launched Pages for businesses, brands were focused on likes, fans (remember those?), and other metrics that have faded in importance over the last decade. 

With the proliferation of e-commerce and digital came robust conversion tracking technology and a focus on attributing business results to social. Influencer marketing is at that same catalyst today. 

With social networks continuing to evolve (like Instagram’s recent test to hide “like” counts on posts) marketers are scrambling to find ways to truly quantify influencer marketing with metrics that matter to brands–like transaction values and revenue.

In a Talkwalker global survey of over 800 marketing and PR professionals, “69 percent of respondents said influencer marketing is among their top priorities… and 61 percent said they plan to increase their influencer marketing budget this year. But nearly 40 percent also said measuring the ROI of these campaigns is a major challenge.”

Marketers know that influencer marketing is the wave of the future and plan to invest even more into the avenue in upcoming years–but there hasn’t been a great solution to track numbers beyond likes, comments, and views–that is, “brand awareness” focused metrics.

This is where Sideqik with the Impact integration comes in.

If you’re ready to track your influencer marketing strategy with an analysis on deeper ROI analysis, transactions, revenue-focused attribution, and other bottom-line numbers–schedule a time to chat with one of our platform experts to see how the Impact Sideqik integration could make all the difference for your brand.

Nancy Rothman

Nancy Rothman

Nancy is a passionate, results-driven marketing executive with more than a decade of experience in building robust integrated marketing programs for brands of all sizes, with specific expertise in the martech space. Prior to Sideqik, Nancy held roles at four successful martech startups, each of which received multiple series of fundraising and included two acquisitions. At CallRail, specifically, Nancy served as the director of marketing where she built the company’s brand and established it as a leader in its space. She also held roles at MeetEdgar, where she oversaw the entire sales and marketing practice, increasing the company's user base and annual recurring revenue, as well as PureCars, which was acquired by Raycom Media in 2015. As vice president of marketing for Sideqik, Nancy is responsible for developing and executing on the company's marketing strategy to drive overall business growth.

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