Realistic Timeline for Launching Your Influencer Campaigns

Influencer marketing is all people are talking about. It is for good reason. It is one of the most popular ways companies get products in front of new eyes. However, if you are just getting started, it can be a bit overwhelming because it is new. 

As we know, timing is everything when it comes to marketing. If you miss the mark, you might as well just toss your money in the trash. Planning ahead is key to making sure your campaign is a success. As a general rule, you can plan for between 4-6 weeks from beginning to build your strategy to launch. Here’s what you can expect from your timeline.

Week 1

This is the main planning week. You will want to outline goals and KPIs, select the social media platforms and influencer criteria and determine your budget. 

Week 2

In week 2, you will focus on finding your influencers and beginning to reach out. Some influencers are quicker to respond than others, so you will want to track who you have reached out to and plan to follow up in week 3. 

Week 3

This is follow-up week! Plan to spend time getting back in touch with those who have asked questions and those who have not responded. You can also begin finalizing negotiations and get a contract/agreement in their hands.

Week 4

Finalize contracts/agreements and be sure each influencer is ready to get started. If sending product, make sure to expedite shipping to make sure they have time to check everything out prior to the start date. 

Week 5

Check in with influencers to ensure the product has been received. You should also make sure they have their affiliate links and all campaign details that are relevant to them. Ask if they have any questions so they can post at the campaign start. 

Week 6

Giving your influencers freedom to create their own content is key, but this is the week that you would want to review and validate any content to ensure that it is in line with your campaign goals.

After the campaign launches, you will want to monitor and track influencer activity. You can even begin to measure results. Be sure to check in with influencers and answer any questions they may have promptly. The best and easiest way to do all of the above is to employ an influencer marketing platform. To learn more about how Sideqik can help you, schedule a free demo today.

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