Spreadsheets Are Not The Answer

Spreadsheets are amazing. There is no doubting that. You have so many tools and formulas to make things happen and automatically calculate. But can it truly do what you need it to when it comes to your influencer marketing campaign?

Tracking and metrics are key when it comes to managing your campaign. That’s what lets you know if it is working or not. However, that’s not the only moving part. Your spreadsheet cannot automatically track creator progress and purchases. Your spreadsheet cannot send individual messages to each creator or even a bulk email to everyone. It cannot create custom templates for said emails or to help your influencers drive traffic. It cannot build a custom campaign with automated tasks.

Sideqik Workflow does all of this for you. It is your one stop shop for your influencer campaign. No more jumping around in multiple applications or programs to manage everything. Learn more about Sideqik Workflow to see exactly how it can help you.

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