Tips for Using Employees as Brand Ambassadors

tips for employees as advocates

Selecting the right brand ambassadors can sometimes be a cumbersome process. However, your own passionate employees could be the answer you are looking for. For example, Apple has ‘geniuses’ located in their stores. They become very familiar with the products and solve any problems that might arise, allowing them to gain a robust knowledge of products they are selling. Geniuses make perfect brand ambassadors because they love the product and are trusted representatives of Apple on social media.

We have compiled a few tips to transform your employees into innovative and dedicated brand ambassadors.

Look Beyond Your Marketing Department

The reason why brand ambassadors are so effective is because they have a passion for your product. They will promote your brand in the same way an average consumer would, but with more authority and authenticity.

Build Trust Between Employee and Brand

There should be a level of trust between the brand ambassador and the products that he or she is trying to sell. The more authentic the relationship between the brand and the ambassador, the more convincing they will appear to prospective customers. The best way to build trust is to listen to feedback about the product and ways in which it can be improved. By valuing ambassador feedback, you ensure more meaningful connections with customers.

Create team Hashtags and Encourage your Employees to use them

A company hashtag is imperative when organizing your employee brand ambassador program. This allows your ambassadors to feel like they are a part of something bigger. For example, Adobe created the #AdobeLife hashtag to get brand ambassadors organized and contributing across social media. They were asked to use the hashtag to relay the lifestyle of an Adobe employee and helped to establish the company culture as a community.

Create a Social Media Policy

As much as you would like for your employee brand ambassadors to deliver on their targets, it is also important that you take necessary precautions to avoid a PR disaster in the process. There needs to be a structured social media policy that contains the rules of engagement for all of your brand ambassadors. Teaching employees how to use social media with a level of PR consciousness allows your brand to effectively communicate to customers.

Focus on Product Education

Product education is a great way to boost sales.  Offering product discounts and other promotional incentives gives your employees a hands on product experience to better understand its features and applications. It’s also important to keep your ambassadors engaged and updated on new products and services so that they are constantly aware of any new developments from your company.

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