Top Live Streaming Influencers to Watch in 2022

Live streaming in gaming continues to be one of the fastest-growing forms of entertainment. This is especially true for millennials and Gen Zers. While it has been slowly growing in popularity for many years, the viewing audience for watching streamers playing games online exploded in 2020, at the height of the pandemic.  

While live streaming has grown in popularity across several interests, including musical performances and fitness, the area where it continues to grow at a strong and steady pace is gaming. Many expected the popularity of live-streaming to curb when the world came out of lockdown, but viewers’ habits have remained even after they started going outside again. 

Unsurprisingly, the most successful streamers also are highly effective influencers and use their viewership to connect brands with the audiences they want to reach. Who are the streamers who are seeing the most growth in 2022? Sideqik’s unique integration with StreamHatchet, the industry leader in streaming metrics, allows brands to learn everything they want to know when looking for a top streamer to partner with. But not only can we identify the top streamers, but we can also identify the streamers enjoying the most rapid increases in followers and other metrics. Today, we’re going to share which popular streamers have been seeing a large amount of growth so far in 2022.


Timothy Betar, aka TimTheTatman, is a variety streamer that is currently exclusive to Youtube. He generally plays battle royale games on his stream, along with reaction videos and other original content. But in 2022, his focus has mostly been on Call of Duty: Warzone, a free Battle Royale shooter.

He has partnered with notable gaming brands like HyperX, promoting their products and noting how they put gamers first in their product focus. He also collaborates with Herman Miller to promote their line of gaming chairs. But he doesn’t exclusively promote gaming brands. He has partnered with Chipotle for promotions, and Sour Patch Kids even released a limited edition TimTheTatman mix for his followers. 

In 2022, Tim has gained 180,000 new subscribers on his Youtube channel, to add to the 4.2 million he already had going into the year. Clearly, his channel is still enjoying steady growth, and his ability to reach his viewers to connect them with brands will only increase over time.


Emily Schunk, aka Emiru, is a variety streamer based out of Texas. She is primarily known for her League of Legends and cosplay streams. But her content also includes vlogs, reaction videos, and promotional content for brands she has partnered with, such as HelloFresh and Simply. Additionally, she competes in large events like the AT&T Annihilator Cup against some of the other biggest names in streaming. She even holds her own events, like cosplay contests where her followers can submit their own cosplays and compete for prizes. 

In 2022 alone, she has gained over 200,000 new followers, which is almost 25% of her current following. She has been building a large audience by delivering a variety of content on her Twitch and Youtube channels, and delivering an authentic personality to each of her Twitch streams and Youtube videos. 

What will the rest of 2022 hold in store for her? We can only wait and find out, but judging from her current track record, nothing but bigger and better things are in store for her upcoming content.

Lachlan Power

Lachlan Power is an Australian Youtuber that is one of the top ten streamers in the world, by audience numbers alone. He initially started his channel as a hobby in 2014, and mostly focused on Minecraft content. But his content really took off when he began creating Pokemon Go videos. To supplement his content for the game, and to advertise how the game used GPS, he traveled the world to capture new Pokemon. When Fortnite was released, he seized the opportunity to become one of the top content creators for the game. He has enjoyed that status as a premier Fortnite streamer ever since.

In addition to a longstanding partner relationship with HyperX, Lachlan has also used his status to launch his own brands. In 2020, he launched his own esports team, PWR. The label has since expanded to include gaming, entertainment, and streetwear apparel. He also regularly competes in charity events like the Australian Pro-Am, and partnered with organizations like the International Committee of the Red Cross.

At the time of this writing, Lachlan Power has a whopping 14.8 million subscribers, placing him only behind the absolute biggest names in streaming. But with his steady growth, he is poised to remain one of the biggest names in gaming for years to come. 


Tiffany Haddish, aka companiondish, is a Twitch streamer that rose to fame through her TikTok account. She mostly shared videos about Genshin Impact, a free-to-play action role-playing game with an anime aesthetic. Since then, she has created her own twitch channel with a rapidly growing following. While she plays other popular games like the social deduction game Among Us on her stream, the majority of her content is still centered around Genshin Impact. 

She partners with a wide spectrum of brands. In addition to gaming peripherals, she is a member of Team Tommy, the Tommy Hilfiger jeans promotion. Additionally, she is also a member of team G-fuel, and also partners with Visa for various promotions.

Her digital presence is growing rapidly, especially in 2022. Her Tiktok boasts over 500,000 followers, but her twitch follower count is not far behind at 379,000. Since the start of the year, her Twitch channel has gained over 82,000 new followers, which is over 21% of her total following. With such momentum, it’s not hard to see her appeal – to both new audiences and partnering brands – continue to skyrocket.


Imane Anys, aka Pokimane, is an internet personality best known for her Twitch channel. She engages with her fans in long chatting streams with different kinds of content, including travel streams, cooking streams, and reaction videos. She plays popular shooters like Fortnite and Valorant. But in 2022, most of her gaming hours have gone to playing on the popular Grand Theft Auto 5 roleplaying server “No Pixel” server. She plays a character called “Jolie Paul” there, and often interacts with characters played by other popular streamers.

Pokimane currently has partnership deals with HyperX and NZXT. But she also collaborates with Cashapp and Postmates. Additionally, as one of the most successful streamers on Twitch, she has signed an exclusive contract with the platform. Recently, she revealed that she declined a $3 million sponsorship deal simply because the brand was not a good fit for her personal values. Her financial comfort level is high enough that she can pick and choose her sponsorship deals.

Pokimane boasts 9 million followers on Twitch. But over 560,000 of those have come in 2022 alone, which accounts for a 6% increase in just under four months. What’s next for her? Nobody but the streamer herself knows for sure, but one thing is certain: she knows her worth.

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