Track social engagement, conversations, and revenue from one place

Tracking the revenue you bring in from campaigns is always the critical metric for your brand’s success. Sideqik not only provides you that, but also your customer’s entire purchasing journey. From their initial engagement to the actual conversion, you’ll have the power to track the entire process at your fingertips. 

Sideqik’s end-to-end suite of solutions allows you to convert your influencer marketing campaigns and social media accounts into a scalable and repeatable revenue machine for your brand. Our discovery tools make it easy to find the influencers that fit your brand’s vibe, while our customizable metrics make sure that you’re getting the numbers and results that matter to you. And with our ecommerce integrations, you have more power to leverage content creation to bring your brand to the customers you want than ever before.

You can see just how robust and easy our discovery tool is by scheduling a demo with our team! We’ll be happy to show you how to accurately measure and find the right influencers to boost your revenue.

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