Twitch Influencer and Affiliate Marketing

If you think Twitch influencer affiliate marketing is only for video games, think again. Content creators in various niches are jumping on board to become Twitch streamers. As Twitch grows, affiliate marketers can gain a competitive edge by diving into this platform and investing in affiliate programs with up-and-coming influencers.

What Is Twitch?

Twitch is an interactive live video streaming social media platform. Twitch launched in 2011 and was acquired by Amazon in 2014. Since then, this platform has dramatically increased in popularity. 

In the beginning, Twitch channels were focused on video games and eSports. Twitch streamers gained viewers based on their ability, insider tips, or because they had engaging and entertaining personalities. 

While the Twitch community is still predominantly younger viewers and focused on the gaming industry, live streaming videos are a great way to showcase various talents and build social networks.

Why Twitch Influencers Should Consider Affiliate Marketing

Last year, Twitch saw 1 trillion minutes watched, 30 million daily active users, and over 7 million unique streamers go live every month, which is good news for anyone with a Twitch affiliate program. 

As subscribers and activity increase, affiliate marketing is a way for qualified streamers to earn revenue for the time they invest in creating engaging, high-quality videos for their audience.

If the platform grows on the same trajectory, the top Twitch streamers will have ever-increasing opportunities to make money as affiliates. The Twitch audience can expect to see its favorite influencers working with brands and companies.

How Can Twitch Streamers Use Affiliate Marketing

Audience interaction via live chat is one of the defining factors that sets Twitch apart, so a hands-on, personalized approach to affiliate marketing is most effective for this platform.

Twitch viewers have a relationship with their favorite streamers built on trust and access. So they’re eager to hear from Twitch Partners about brands, merch, and their recommendations. 

With affiliate marketing, Twitch users can access sales, unique links, or promo codes to make a purchase and save money. 

Some practical ways Twitch streamers can earn a commission using affiliate marketing include:

  • Brand shout-outs
  • Giveaways
  • Offering discounts
  • Product unboxings
  • Product placement
  • New product launches

How Affiliates Can Start Streaming on Twitch

You can stream gameplay, cooking, music, art, or practically anything you’re passionate about on Twitch. Here are some steps from the Twitch Creator Camp website to get started as a Twitch partner.

  1. The first thing is to create a Twitch account. You can work from your Internet browser and also download the app, which allows you to stream and access your Creator Dashboard. The Creator Dashboard will enable you to adjust your settings, run ads, and go live. 
  2. Review Community Guidelines and establish your Moderation and Safety settings before you stream. Since live chat is a significant component of the Twitch experience, you want to set parameters for a great audience experience.
  3. Customize your channel with a photo, bio, and personal branding.
  4. Optimize your setup for streaming audio and video. The technical aspects are especially critical when you’re streaming videos live.
  5. Set up your broadcasting software. Twitch Studio is available for both Mac and Windows.
  6. Add extensions to your channel using the Creator Dashboard. Extensions enhance your viewer’s experience and participation.

Unlike other social media platforms that rely on images and pre-recorded videos, Twitch affiliates are operating live. 

You don’t want to be over-scripted or robotic (the viewers definitely value authenticity). However, you should be prepared with content and goals for your videos before you go live. 

Also, don’t forget to iron out your technology kinks so subscribers can enjoy what you have to share without any glitches.

Why are so Many Brands Jumping into Twitch Influencer Marketing?

Clearly, Twitch channels are reaching a younger generation known for being distrustful of traditional advertising and media. These viewers are also quick to switch platforms to follow their favorite gamers and influencers

What sets Twitch apart from other social media platforms? As Twitch partners livestream their content, viewers can engage in real-time chat, both with the streamer and other viewers. This interaction creates a sense of community that audience members love. With this trust and growing viewers, brands have the opportunity to reach a large audience.

The Audience on Twitch

In 2021, Twitch has a reported audience of approximately 2.84 million users. Twitch’s growth increased significantly over three years, from 1 million users in 2018. The demographics are also shifting, although the audience is still predominantly male and younger. 

What Brands Are Using Twitch?

Companies have a great opportunity for success with Twitch influencer affiliate marketing. Check out these three examples.


UberEats partnered with Twitch streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins by offering a 25% order discount to his fans with a unique code. This promotion was so successful that UberEats reached the maximum number of redemptions in one day and had to offer a second code for ongoing orders.


Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) partnered with Twitch during a two-day PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds event. During the event, viewers watched four Twitch influencers and had the opportunity to win a $5 KFC gift card whenever one of them won a game. Winners also received a “loot bucket” with special KFC-themed PUBG game items. 


Another example is the Ubisoft Forward event, where the developer showcases new games and big announcements. During the 2021 livestream event, Ubisoft partnered with Twitch affiliate LIRIK, and this sponsored stream generated 124K hours watched and 68K peak views.

What Brands Need to Know About Influencers on Twitch

Although gaming is still the most popular channel type, other niches and content topics are growing. Brands should consider their target audience demographics and find the right Twitch influencers for their marketing strategy. 

Brands should think beyond gamers and consider engaging Twitch streams focused on:

  • Home and interior design
  • Parenting
  • Music and art
  • Beauty and fashion
  • Cooking and baking

How Your Brand Can Get Started with Twitch Affiliate Influencer Marketing

Ready to start working with Twitch streamers? The Sideqik Discovery engine is a platform designed to match you with the right Twitch creators for your brand. On this website, you have access to relevant influencers so you can enhance your digital marketing efforts.

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