Tyrus.TV Case Study

Tyrus.TV is a talent service and management agency dedicated to taking content creators to the next level. With in-house experts on every aspect of building a creator’s personal brand and community, they serve as a one stop shop for creators committed to building and improving their digital presence. While they are phenomenal at finding creators to work with, they struggled with communicating and connecting with their influencers because they were pulling from multiple sources. 

With Sideqik Workflow, they now had a one-stop shop for tracking sales and communicating with creators among a number of other features. These features also allowed their creators to upload their own profiles, which simplified the communication process for current and prospective influencers. 

Tyrus.TV saw an improvement in their influencer campaigns from start to finish. They were able to use the tracking analytics to improve future campaigns in efficiency and saw a higher return on investment. 

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