Why More Brands Should Partners With Gamers

The world of eSports influences authentic and live conversations amongst its audience, acting as the fuel for platforms connecting brands and consumers. It only makes sense that demand for sponsors has grown as well, and this is where businesses can drive brand awareness, stream a new pipeline of customers, and ultimately increase sales.

Gamers have large, engaged audiences.

ESports indeed attracts quite a large following. It is estimated that the worldwide eSports audience will reach close to 450 million people this year. The number of people actually gaming is even higher, topping two and a half billion in 2019. This presents business owners with the opportunity to tap into a large pool of potential consumers. 

They drive authentic, live conversations.

Streaming has become the social media of eSports, allowing communication between its players and fan base alike. Considering this live engagement, businesses can easily factor in their own branding and increase their mentions, brand acknowledgment, and brand awareness. 

Gamers can drive brand awareness.

In order for eSports titles to expand their global reach, brands have partnered directly with publishers who organize competitions and have discovered opportunities to activate across multiple global leagues through a single, centralized publisher relationship. This provides a valuable opportunity for global brands to connect with the eSports audience.

With its large, worldwide fanbase, eSports presents an attractive opportunity for companies to increase brand awareness through sponsorship and marketing. However, going into eSports partnerships blindly can quickly backfire. Every brand has unique goals and requires tailored activations to ensure these are met. Businesses should certainly communicate these goals and have methods in place to measure short- and long-term impact on your brand.

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