You’ve Launched an Influencer Marketing Campaign… Now What?

Launching your first influencer campaign can be a bit nerve-wracking. Once you have gotten everything in place, it might seem like you are done. You’ve done all the legwork – set your goals, identified your influencers and locked them in. However, that work is just beginning. So what’s next? Here are the next steps to a successful campaign.

  1. You should work with your influencers to determine when and how they should post. If your influencer has been around for a while, they will know when the best times to post are to reach their followers. If not, you should work with them to figure this out. Influencers should be given creative freedom, but again, giving them guidance and being there for support to answer questions along the way is always a good look. 
  1. You should monitor your influencers’ posts. Not to censor them, but to make sure they are posting content aligned with the marketing values and goals of your brand. Remember, you are in this campaign together. Combine forces with your influencers and make them feel like they are truly part of the team. They will be much more devoted to the process this way.
  1. You need to measure your results. This is the most important task because it lets you know if your campaign was successful. This can also be one of the most difficult tasks. Start off by measuring the KPIs set when goals were determined before the campaign began. Next, looking at engagement/views on the influencers’ posts. Note which were received the best for future campaigns. 

Following your influencer marketing campaign from start to finish can be painstaking at times, but it doesn’t have to be. Sideqik can make this process simple. From vetting influencers to measuring your results, the entire process can be managed with our platform. Contact us today to get a free demo to learn more about how we can help!

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