10 Tips to Increase Your YouTube Ranking


Most people browsing through YouTube are either looking through their personalized feeds or just moving from one related video to another. Because of how YouTube works, the only ranking you have is in their search.

YouTube keyword-based search is also personalized to an extent. It would always display videos from channels you subscribed to, or videos from official source or even videos you have watched before. Optimization becomes important if any of these are not available.

Ranking Factors on YouTube

YouTube is quite different from Google. YouTube’s search engine runs different algorithms and is effected by different factors.

On-YouTube factors include:

  • Just like a web page, YouTube uses keywords to identify the kind of query that will be useful for a video. Comparing YouTube to web pages it cannot easily analyze the content of a video so you need to optimize the next video. That means video title, description, transcript and tags.
  • Tags help identify what your video is about, what appears in your video, and will help approve your search ranking.
  • Videos with automatic thumbnails tend to be vague and rank lower. It is better to use compelling custom thumbnails which are able to quickly grab someone’s attention.
  • The presence of a transcript is a ranking factor because it is the content of the transcript. Posting one helps get rid of pesky errors with the auto captioning system

Channel authority is a ranking factor for videos, but when there are more viewers, subscription and engagement in your channel than others it will give your videos an easier time out-ranking than that of other channels. The performance of your video has a role to play in channel authority but doing other additional things wouldn’t be such a bad idea, like customizing your channel homepage or linking your YouTube account to your website.

There are some other non-YouTube factors that has a part in ranking your videos and also your channel, in their search.

  • Video retention: The ranking of your videos will keep on increasing the more people watch them. The longer they watch your video the better it is for you. YouTube is quite particular about what is and isn’t a view. Those who bounce don’t matter.
  • YouTube comments have a bad rap for being almost universally awful to experience reading, yet it is important to get them. Keep your comment box open so you can get as many comments as possible.
  • Shares/Links: When people share or link your video to any social network it will enhance your video ranking.
  • Thumbs Up: The more likes your video gets compared to the dislikes it get will give it a boost.

All these are more or less obvious. Create so many videos with high quality content and it will increase the visibility of your channel. Stop creating videos that keeps on depreciating in quality. When you create videos that are deleted, flagged, reported, removed, or just down-voted into oblivion it will make your channel less valuable.

What’s the way forward to top up your position on various feed, could it be with your knowledge of video ranking? Below are ten solid methods

1. Optimize Everything

SEO is, and always will be, one of the most important factors in determining your videos visibility. To do this it is important to optimize any and all text which is available on your channel. These need to be short, compelling, and filled with relevant keywords that are used in plain English. There are a lot of areas where you can optimize your text. Here are a few.

  • Your channel name. Whichever name you choose should be short and descriptive. Generally it could be a brand name or a brand plus a sub-theme name.
  • Your channel description. Avoid making it exceed 100-250 words of optimized text. If your channel description is too long your audience will not be able to read the entire thing. Keeping it short keeps it easy to read.
  • Your video titles. Make it short and enticing. You can make use of keywords If possible. When you are not sure of which keyword to use you can just use a more compelling title instead. You will have keywords elsewhere to pull their weight.
  • your video description. Also this should not exceed 100-250 words in length. Remember to include the most important keywords in the first 50-100, this is to ensure that they are seen without having to expand the description box. You can also add links for users to visit and keep them engaged in your brand.
  • Your video tags. You can add some tags to your video which could be about 500 characters. Ensure you are not include irrelevant tags, the more precise your tags are the easier it will be to find your video.
  • Your transcript. This has to do more with the content of your video than the specific text optimization. By including a transcript of your video it will appear more professional and improve the overall SEO too.

2. Optimize Your Channel Page

There are several options available for optimizing a channel page. When you go through any well-known page, you will see a top banner art, an intro video, featured channels, links to social profiles, and a section you can fill with your own content.

Let your channel art be as simple as possible, all it needs is to match your brand. You can also change it constantly if you want to advertise any aspect of your brand.  People hardly spend time on it so you do not need to put much effort into it.

Your social profile links are an easy and convenient way for your audience to find your other social accounts. If they are your followers on YouTube, they might as well follow you on Facebook.

The” About section” gives you the opportunity to include more optimized text, as mentioned above. This is the section for some compelling description, keywords, and is used to increase your ranking on Google.

3. Always Upload Transcripts

There are a number of reasons to include a transcript with your video, with the most important being to provide a textual version of your video.  It enables Google to index it and also enables the video to appear on many other search engines. Google is constantly updating and changing their search algorithm, which is why it is important to optimize your videos as much as possible.

Thankfully, transcripts on YouTube are so much easier than they are in other places. There is no need bothering over time-codes or formatting. The only thing you need is a text document that contains all the words being said in the video.

4. Get People to Watch

To get more viewers it is important to get more your videos to appear in search. The more people watch your video, the more your videos show up in sidebars and recommendations.

Also, it is important to push for your audience to subscribe to your channel.  Subscriptions are a great way to keep your audience up to date on any content you produce.

5. Create Relevant Playlists

Making a playlist is a good way to order your content and to get your audience invested in your channel.  However, you cannot put all your videos in one playlist and expect to work.

Each playlist needs to follow a particular theme, such as a series of videos. For instance if you are working on website SEO, you can create a set of different videos on optimization and keyword research, create another set on meta data, another on optimization and image selection, another on analyzing length, titles, reach or links, and include these all in one playlist for “Website SEO.” The less work your audience has to do to find your content the better.

You can also optimize your playlist if you give all the videos a special style of thumbnail. Take the chance to create unique thumbnails for the videos in each playlist as well, this will create a unified look and feel for your playlist.

6. Become a Leading Authority

Becoming an authority in your genre depends on the competition. For instance, whoever wants to venture into the area of SEO right now will have to be ready to compete with tech giants such as MOZ.  While whoever wants to start up a record label should be prepared to compete with VEVO.

The trick is success is branding. While, people might not be able to find you on YouTube through general search you do want to rank for your own name. Just imagine how terrible it would be to rank second in your own search.

If you are interested in ranking in YouTube searches, it is important to pick a unique brand name and to include it in your channel name, your channel description, video titles, video descriptions, and everywhere that would make sense. This will go a long way towards making your channel more visible to those who are not familiar with you channel.

7. Encourage Video Hopping

You are at an advantage when people watch more of your videos. There is a high probability that if someone enjoys one of your videos, they will continue to watch more. That’s the importance of playlist, but there are multiple ways you can enhance them.

The video end-cap is one of my most effective strategies. The end-cap is a short clip that runs for about 10-30 seconds and it is attached to the end of the video.  Most creators use this as a means of making product announcement or as a means of thanking their viewers for watching their video.

It is an excellent way to show the related videos you want to show, instead of relying on YouTube to point the viewer back to your channel, which it may or may not do. Use one or two videos of yours that are interesting and attach clips of those in windows within your main video. Link the preview to the page with those videos with the annotation link.

It is also good to advertise videos that won’t be immediately the next video in the playlist here.  It would be a lot easier for the users to continue viewing the playlist if they wish to.

8. Increase Visibility

Cross-promoting your YouTube videos allows you to introduce your content to an entirely new audience. There are many means of spreading your video, such as writing a blog post, embedding it in a guest post, or encouraging people to share it. YouTube makes it easy to share and embed videos. Take advantage of the tools they provide. Any activity that includes your video or a link to it is just a means of promoting your video.

9. Supplement Other Content with Video

Repurposing videos as other forms of content or content as videos is a great way to promote both channels simultaneously. Have you got a very attractive blog post? Convert it to a video and promote the video. If you have a blog post, infographic, or slide show that is proving very popular, it is very easy to convert that content into a video and publish it to your YouTube channel.

Normally, if you begin with a video, or you create a video that will compliment what you are doing somewhere else, you might as well want to embed the video for people to watch. Most times the video is included as an afterthought, but the more multi-channel content which you create the more potential audience you will reach.

10. Create More Videos

The popularity and relevance of your videos has a lot to do with determining your channel rank. In order to get more popular and relevant it is important to produce high quality videos.  Make more videos for different topics and you will become more relevant for more queries. The better your videos the more likely your audience will continue watching your channel. You will earn more comments, more view, more shares, and more votes when you constantly create videos. If you want more viewers and more exposure, then make more content, of high quality and you will get more attention.

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