holiday marketing stats

Holiday Marketing Stats

Holiday Marketing Stats

Tis the season, and a season it is! Retail sales are expected to be higher than ever this year, reaching an estimated $863 billion, of which, e-commerce contributes an estimated $72.4 billion ( This is a 14% increase in e-commerce holiday sales from last year, an impressive leap! This year is also the first holiday season in which mobile purchases are expected to exceed $100 million. This increase in mobile, and web purchasing points to a changing marketplace, not only for the holiday season but for retail in general. So how are marketers modifying their strategies to fit these changes? Let’s find out:

Holiday Marketing Strategies:

To remain relevant in the ever-changing retail landscape, marketers are relying heavily on social media to fuel brand exposure and influence purchases during the holiday season. More than 70% of brands are allocating at least 50% of their digital marketing budget to search and social ( The holiday season is the greatest season for marketers because it presents the greatest opportunity to drive traffic to their sites — generating leads, and increasing brand awareness. Be sure to carefully plan and execute a holiday marketing campaign, and make the most of this giving season.

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holiday marketing stats

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