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Key lessons my Atlanta internship taught me

We interviewed several employees, both past and present here at Sideqik and asked them what they gained from their careers here. Here are some of their responses:

Jake Cohen – Business Development Intern

“I gained confidence out of the internship, because I was just thrown into the sales process, and I came in with some training in my background, but really just allowing me to go in and be a part of these sales presentation and even run some on my own really allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and gain some confidence. Otherwise, I would have just filed papers at another internship, whereas here I was able to immerse, I appreciated that.”

Danielle Ishak – Marketing

“I gained a lot of experience at Sideqik. I would say probably the biggest gift you can get from Sideqik is that as soon as you get there, you’re expected to do a lot of stuff! So you’re kind of put in the spotlight with responsibility which is a really good thing because suddenly you kind of have to learn as you go and get a lot of hands-on experience and that I think was the biggest gift that I got from Sideqik … having to swim with the currents and trying to stay up on pace and learn as I go and ask as many questions as I possibly could. Which is also great because you can ask your CEO questions, which I don’t think you get to do at other places. I think another thing to point out is — you don’t necessarily learn one thing. So I was a marketing intern, but I learned how to code on WordPress HTML, and I assisted in building the current Sideqik website, which was a huge gift.”

Matt Crissy – Account Executive

“For me, it was a full service, so I learned how to generate leads through various sources all the way to closing a deal and learning everything in between and how to follow up with customers, how to answer them properly and also walking through each customer in different processes. Each prospect has a different value proposition, so kind of understanding those types of things for our customers.”

Catherine Slaten – Marketing

“Well, first of all, I gained a job, which is a huge plus and an awesome thing. I could not be more thankful, but I really learned some great skills with how marketing campaigns run. I learned the different aspects that you have to build and make to put into a campaign and I also learned some great graphic skills and design skills and writing skills. Honestly I learned so much it would take me a while to list it all and honestly think about it all, so I learned a great amount.”

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