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How Did Your Internship Change or Affirm Your Career Goals?

We interviewed current and past interns and employees of our company to see how their experience here has changed or confirmed their career goals.

Danielle Ishak

“Going into this internship, I had an idea of the master’s degree I’m going to pursue. So as far as my goals, since my masters is very different, I don’t think it persuaded me to go into the marketing direction but definitely, I gained a lot of marketing knowledge that I can input into my degree in any case, through Sideqik.
So maybe it did alter my goals, and I will have to find out soon.”

Jake Cohen

“My career goals have not changed too much. I was a marketing major when I came in, I’m a finance major now. But it’s not a drastic change because I was a finance major before the marketing major.
I’ve always wanted to have business development skills because I want to go into a field where deals are being made all the time. I feel like no matter where you get that experience, it’s important, but I’m glad that I got it with Sideqik because I was able to be thrown into it and really have to try and sell something. It was unique selling something that I had never seen before, I came from a background selling digital marketing services and this was marketing but still, it was a better … I don’t know how to describe it, it’s not just web design, it’s an actual platform, that was fun. But my career goals now are to go into investment banking, which was one of the possibilities before the internship, but now that confidence that I gained from the internship and leading those sales presentations and being a part of them has given me the confidence to go into a different field using the skills I learned from this internship.”

Catherine Slaten

“I would definitely say this internship with Sideqik has changed my career goals. I originally studied mass communications in college and focused more on advertising and really thought more of the advertising role would be something I really wanted to do, but as I got further into my internship, I got to do a lot more stuff with marketing and really felt how the team worked and the different aspects of it. I realized that this is something I really wanted to do for I guess a long time to come.”

Matt Crissy

“For me, I came into this with a very different industry focus, coming from school in supply chain management. Coming in here definitely brought me down a different path, but I think it’s for the best.
For me, it was every deal that I closed, because its gonna just affect the bottom line of the company and it also has taught me how to take a deal from just a prospect all the way to actually finishing it out.”

Son Tran

“No actually, this confirms what I want to do in the future. Not necessarily with marketing, because I want to go to grad school to do research in artificial intelligence, but it shows me that CS is very important and there are so many technologies out there that help you to do pretty much whatever you imagine.”

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