Build an Email List Part 2: Failure

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So you reached out to your social media audiences, provided incentive, and added a sense of urgency. You built it and no one came. What happened? Where could you have gone wrong?

We hate to say it, it’s not me, it’s you. Wait, can’t we still be friends? Let’s just talk it out, ok? Just so we are clear, we are definitely still talking about how to build an email list.

There are a few reasons you might not be as successful as you would have like in the first go of gaining email subscribers. We talked a good bit about creating a high-value offer in part 1. If you aren’t seeing your email list grow, it could be that maybe your content was not seen as valuable enough. High-value content can definitely be subjective, so what you feel is high value may not ring true for your audience. Offering a good initial incentive to get them in is great, but they don’t want just one good offer. Potential email subscribers want to know that whatever they are getting in their email week to week will deliver every time, whether that delivery is knowledge, help, or entertainment.

Which brings us to the next reason you may not have seen your sign up numbers skyrocket, not building your credibility enough to convince potential subscribers that you will make good on your email promises. If you are a car repair company promising marketing secrets through email, people might not believe you. You can build your credibility by focusing on providing information, education, or entertainment in your brand’s field. Also, think about having a base of knowledge future subscribers can flip through, like having a blog with articles that reflect the quality they can expect. Don’t be afraid to tap into resources from partners too, they can often offer information relevant to your audience at no cost.

Two more things to consider is not broadcasting to a large enough audience and not having your opt-in form displayed clearly enough. If your initial audience is too small it could be a good idea to consider running ads, which can be surprisingly affordable especially through Facebook, LinkedIn, or even Google. Make sure that when people click through to your site from those ads that your opt-in form is front and center with a clear message about what being on your email list does for them.

In part 1 we stated that there wasn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to incentivizing, so don’t be shy about changing, trying out, or combining any incentives. Testing is always encouraged and there are awesome, easy to use sites like Optimizely to help drive those tests. Don’t just rely on your social network, combine it with beefing up your email list with qualified subscribers and reaching out to partners to help your brand reach greatness.

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