Any Other Marketers Feel Like This? #MarketingBurnout

Usually, we hit this marketing fail point by Friday about 4 pm. Not gonna lie, sometimes we start our Monday mornings like this too.

Friday Afternoon Marketing Burnout

A little marketing burnout happens to everyone whether you are on the grind for months or it strikes every Friday afternoon. Here are a few tips to help you overcome:

  1. Challenge yourself to take on a new stimulating project that revolves around your interest. Love social media? Check out some new social media marketing strategies or dive into an article about mobile marketing.
  2. Take a walk. This may seem obvious, but seriously around here we tend to work through our lunches or have lunch at our desk, so just GET OUT! Walk outside if you can or do a few laps around the hall and let your mind wander. You never know when you’ll be hit with inspiration.
  3. Take a half day or, if you have it, a whole day off to do anything but work. Sometimes you forget how much you need a vacation due to deadlines and the thrill of the chase.
  4. Watch a video online. There are great Youtube channels that offer everything from documentaries to short films. Take 10 – 20 minutes to enjoy a refresher.
  5. Set boundaries. This is probably the most important one. If you tend to take your work home, designate a day or a few days you leave work at work. If you really can’t achieve this during the week strive for Friday at 5 to be DONE until Monday morning. Everyone needs downtime.

So rest, relax and don’t be afraid to talk to your bosses. Honestly opening up about suffering a bit of burnout can in itself provide relief. It might even open the doors of opportunity to work on something different.

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