mobile ad spending

The Future of Mobile Ad Spending

Revenues from mobile ads are projected to exceed those from newspaper, magazine and radio ads for the first time in the U.S. this year (eMarketer). Still, mobile ad spending remains less than 1 percent of total ad spending, meaning many companies are still skeptical about the future of such advertising.

mobile ad spending

In the mobile advertising space, much growth is coming from location-based advertising, as many companies have seen great returns from it. Application of this could include someone receiving an ad for a promotion to a store they are within a mile of.

While mobile advertising spending isn’t huge right now, it is projected to grow in the coming years as the market begins to validate itself more. New applications, like Snapchat’s Discovery are providing fresh ways to cut through the constant noise of over-stimulating and ever-present advertising.

Applications in mobile advertising were a hot topic at IRCE this year. These things point to an increasingly positive future of mobile ad spending.

What do you think lies ahead for mobile ad spending?

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