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Django Scooter

See how Peugeot used Sideqik to promote their Django line of scooters in the Netherlands with beauty, fashion, and lifestyle influencers to increase brand awareness and encourage grass-roots engagement.

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Drive engagement through localized influencer marketing

How Peugeot increased awareness of Django scooters by working with lifestyle influencers.

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The Challenge

Peugeot wanted to introduce the Django scooter into the Netherlands, a country historically known for cycling. Peugeot’s Django scooter aims to attract a young, urban clientele with a sense of fashion, who seek to travel in style.

Enter Sideqik

Using analytics-focused technology, over 150 original pieces of content were created by influencers, which generated a 514% ROI for the campaign, and a successful introduction of the Django scooter to its target audience.

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