The Most Influential YouTubers In The World Infographic

What’s it take to be the biggest name on YouTube? The most accepted metric for success on YouTube is the number of subscribers your channel has. But, just like Facebook “Likes” YouTube “Subs” are only half the story. 

To find the most influential YouTubers, we ran the top 500 youtube channels by subscribers through Sideqik’s Influencer Evaluator to calculate their total social reach. What we came to find out was that the most popular YouTubers were the most active across multiple social media channels. This is the reason PewDiePie, YouTube’s biggest channel with over 40 million subscribers, is 35 on our list while the top 10 more diverse and engage their audience across all forms of social media. 

The below infographic goes into more detail about the Most Influential YouTubers In The World, as well narrowing down the results to the single most popular YouTube Creator active on social media today!

Be sure to check out our complete list of the 500 Most Influential YouTubers In The World to see how your favorite personality ranked!

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