Social Media Metrics That Matter – Amplification Rate

Today Sideqik is continuing the series on the four most important social media metrics, according to Avinash Kaushik. Number two on the list is amplification. We stated in our original posts, that amplification rate is the rate at which your followers or subscribers share your content with their own network of followers or subscribers. For clarity:

Amplification Rate = # of retweets per tweet OR # of shares per post OR # of share clicks per post. You get the idea. Take Louis C.K., for example, a comedian that rarely tweets. When he tweeted a simple, honest line, his amplification rate went through the roof. Especially compared to the rate of some his less celebrated tweets.

Amplification Rate 02 vs. Amplification Rate 03


This metric ends up providing very valuable information about your content. All that information will help you determine what sorts of posts, tweets, or videos that your audience believes adds value to their internet experience. Not only that but where the audience is and what time they are most likely to see your posts. In Louis C.K.’s case, it lets him know that his Twitter followers appreciate an honest tweet about nothing as opposed to one just asking viewers to tune in.

In addition to precious information, the amplification rate can help with bypassing restrictions on the number of ads you can buy on Google or Facebook or any other channel. On top of those amazing advantages, you can probably see the most obvious value in amplification. By increasing your amplification rate you have a chance to reach beyond your followers and subscribers. This gives you the opportunity to not only reach their friends, followers, and subscribers but to continue that moment further out than you could imagine. Once the ball starts rolling with more shares or retweets you will begin to see that the secondary network starts to transition to your primary network.

So stay tuned for our next social media metric that matters: Applause Rate.

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