Get real world experience. Avoid the skills gap thousands of people have when they graduate

This is not a coffee-making internship. Solve BIG problems.

Are you a college student or recent grad looking for an internship in the software industry? Sideqik may be the place for you! Sideqik is a venture backed, fast growing company headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

When you intern with Sideqik, you’ll be working to solve really big problems, to help us build a new industry and working with real customers. But even more than that, you join the Sideqik family and will be part of our core team. In addition to working on interesting, real-world problems, we have (at least we think so) a pretty cool environment including lots of community events, free drinks and snacks, and a super-friendly team that cares about each other.

Need or want credit with your school? As I’m sure you’ve heard, our internships are highly educational. We customize your training based on your goals and are happy to work with you if your school provides credit. Either way, you’ll end up light years ahead of others.

What do our interns do?

Learn to be superheroes, of course. Seriously, we strive to give our interns projects that are at the intersection of their abilities and interests. And we challenge our interns to stretch beyond their current abilities and grow professionally and personally. We got started by working alongside high capacity teams and leaders that thrived on teaching the next generation, and that’s our goal too.

You’ll work on technologies like Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, Redis, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, SpineJS, EmberJS, git, Amazon AWS, Heroku and more. Plus, we’ve got new projects brewing that leverage Big Heaps of Data™ and machine learning.

But don’t take it just from us – watch the video below to hear from some of our past interns:

Our YouTube channel has tons of comments from current and past team members too. Want to know more about what a day is like? Check out our Life at Sideqik page.

Growing the next generation

One of our missions is to help create the next generation of entrepreneurs.

“Sideqik believes in stewarding a portion of our time to help grow the next generation of entrepreneurs and help fill the skills gap that often occurs between the classroom and a student’s desired full-time position,” said Kurt Uhlir, Sideqik’s founder and chief executive. (source: Georgia Tech News Center).

Colleges, even top 10 schools, like to promote a 80% – 90% placement rate for their students. The hidden secret that many schools do not like to discuss is they consider a graduate “employed” or “placed” if they have any job. Come out with a top MBA and end up pouring lattes part-time for 2 years? You’re counted as employed? Graduate from a top CS school and get hired by Google? You’re counted as employed. Graduate from a top CS school and get a job with a big corporation where you survive in your cube writing code for some feature that some customer may use one day? You’re also counted as employed or placed. There’s a HUGE skills gap for 99% of students. If you’re in the top 0.5%, you’re probably good. For the rest, you need some real-world skills to get to where you want to be and work on big problems that really matter.

We have a thriving internships and protégé program. Read about why we invest the time to guide and train others, as we expect everyone to give back to the team. This includes everyone from interns to the founding team. Don’t worry, we’ll help you grow and teach you how to help others.  You’ve probably already seen the short video on our careers page. Visit our Youtube channel to hear more from current and past members of the team.

Get real world experience. Avoid the skills gap thousands of people have when they graduate

Sideqik Team Culture

  • We pride ourselves on having a positive, self-starting and supportive culture.
  • We don’t just work with each other; we look out for each other. We believe in leading with love and serving others. When you join team Sideqik, we want you to swing for the fences and help your teammates get there too.
  • We have a thriving internship and protégé program. Read about why we invest the time, as we expect everyone to give back to the team.
  • We’re extremely involved in growing the Atlanta startup community and Southern tech ecosystem -Digital School, ATDC, TiE Atlanta, Flashpoint and others. Get ready to meet a ton of new friends and help change the world.
  • We have craft beer fans, a certified alligator handler, a Guinness World Record holder and a yes, multiple people that have dressed up as superheroes (not just on Halloween).

And some not-too-shabby perks…

  • No vacation tracking – when you need a break, take a break
  • Results-focused – it’s about getting your work done, not when or where you get it done
  • Casual dress all-day, everyday
  • Start-up environment – work on things that make a difference
  • Strong culture with loads of opportunity
  • Shared office playlist – there will be music, so bring your tunes
  • Games, fun, nerf guns, foosball, ping pong & more

Atlanta ruby dev internships

Details about Software Engineer Intern Opportunities

We’re looking for software engineers to join our core product development team. You’ll have the opportunity to build user-centric software that solves complex problems. We’re looking for strong software engineers with good fundamentals that are comfortable working in a fast-paced, agile and fun environment. You’ll work on challenging projects, get exposure to multiple areas of the business, and work directly with our executive team.

Skills Required

  • Self-starter who is motivated to learn and continuously improve
  • Desire to build something that will touch hundreds of thousands of people
  • Discipline to get the job done and motivated to find solutions
  • Great culture fit who wants to work with a team of smart, fun people

If this sounds like you, shoot us an email atSideqik Careers - software engineering internshipsand tell us why you’d be an awesome fit for the job and where you think you’ll add the most value. Please include your resume (links to Github and LinkedIn are good too).