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Super Tip Tuesday: Retargeting

If you are looking to turn site views into conversions, Sideqik has just the thing for you. Retargeting makes it possible to reach those interested parties that may have visited the site, but did not complete an action the first time around. You can use retargeting as a way of reconnecting with customers that have either already purchased or showed interest in purchasing. It’s almost like a subliminal type of marketing and it is really easy to use.

This has become huge in digital marketing and is often referred to as remarketing. While retargeting and remarketing have different strategies the end game is the same: bring back interested shoppers. So if it seems we are bouncing around from retargeting to remarketing in this article know that the objective is the same. Let’s get into it, shall we?

The boom of retargeting can be seen with all our favorites social sites starting to use it. Facebook introduced it as a way to “more easily deliver targeted messages to people who have visited their website or mobile app” early this year. They encourage you to place a Facebook remarketing pixel directly on your site or to pixel users based on any actions taken to capture visitors. Once they are “pixeled” users will begin to see ads based on these actions. Meaning, while they browse the internet, your ads will begin to appear on any number of different sites more often, sometimes with a discount or simply encouraging them to come back to make a purchase, depending on your set up. Pretty neat huh?

So neat Twitter started implementing this technique in June of this year as well. They broke it down in a simple to understand picture flow chart below:

Twitter Retargeting Flow


Retargeting isn’t just limited to social sites either, Google Adwords takes advantage of this method of marketing as well as AdRoll. Like we said above, this is a great and incredibly easy way to drive conversions on any site with plenty of options, but the important thing is to start retargeting as soon as possible. And let us know what you think about this technique or just leave us a little love note below.

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