Super Tip Wednesday?… Cyber Monday Edition Part 2

Cyber Monday is coming up fast and we want all our digital marketing comrades to get the best results possible. Part two of our Super Tip Tuesday, or as we have so cleverly dubbed Super Tip Wednesday, finishes out the list of seven power tips that will help you bring in the big bucks on the biggest online shopping day of the year.

4.) Make sure your shipping is ready to go

shipping lucy

Like Santa, e-commerce sites need to make sure all those amazing gifts make it under the tree with plenty of time to spare. Unlike Santa, most of you don’t have a magical sleigh to help accomplish that goal.  With this in mind, you have to be on your logistics game. When orders start rolling in the shipping process must be smooth, this means scheduling daily pickups and using multiple carrier options to allow yourself some flexibility while staying affordable. If you have a high volume you should definitely be taking advantage of Commercial Base or Commercial Plus Pricing, trust us, your profit margins will thank us. For the best holiday rates, we suggest looking at services like or you can go full tech to save time by investing in a shipping software like Shipstation, Shipworks, or True Ships.

5.) Harness the power of Pinterest


Pinterest is bigger than ever and consumers love making pin board wish lists for their holiday shopping. Pins can very well translate into big sales for your online store given that the average order value from a Pinterest referral is over $170! So make sure your product pages are at their best for those incoming pinners ready to buy.

6.) Offer special discounts and coupons

coupon deals

So we all know that shoppers are expecting huge deals for Cyber Monday, after all, it’s the Black Friday of the internet. Here are a few suggestions to increase sales and drive traffic:

  • Try different types of coupons
  • Offer free shipping
  • Just give a flat amount off
  • Or try a percentage off
  • Require a minimum purchase
  • Give a gift with purchase
  • Boost loyalty program rewards

Also, don’t only advertise these deals on your website, send it out via email and social media, including Pinterest, the more channels the better. Don’t feel like you need to go crazy just to compete, calculate your profit margins to find offers that still work for you.

7.) Don’t let lost sales get away

please come back

Did you know over 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned? A lot of customers never make it to check out which means you are losing tons of potential purchasers. There is a way you can get them back. Some e-commerce platforms offer an abandoned cart saving feature like Bigcommerce, which will automatically send emails to abandoning shoppers in hopes of bringing them back in. If your platform doesn’t offer it, never fear, check out SeeWhy as a potential alternative and think about adding a coupon code to emails to motivate the shoppers to follow through with a purchase on a return visit.

We’ll keep the holiday advice rolling through December, so check back in for more great marketing tips, and good luck in conquering Cyber Monday!

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