5 Digital Marketing Skills With Unfulfilled Talent Pool

Nowadays, it is impossible to think about marketing without including the ‘digital’ components of it – including social media, email, and mobile marketing. Although most companies have added on digital marketing departments a long time ago, the demand for digital marketing skills is ongoing. Near one-third of hiring managers say they were unable to find the necessary digital talent; so which digital marketing skills still have an unfulfilled talent pool?


1. Email Marketing

5 Digital Marketing Skills: Email Marketing
Email marketing is still relevant and necessary!

Simply put, brands send an email to customers. It can be in the form of sending periodical newsletters to current customers or reaching out to potential customers. Despite the belief that email is outdated, McKinsey & Company claimed (in 2014!) that email is 40% more effective in acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. Email marketing is a digital marketing skill that is still very much necessary.


2. Social Media Marketing

5 Digital Marketing Skills: Social Media Marketing
Social media is obsessive – and useful.

With the emergence of social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to name a few), it has inevitably emerged as one of the most critical digital marketing skills and tools. Companies hire social media marketers to manage the brand’s social media accounts, ultimately to stimulate interest in the brand overall.


3. Mobile Marketing

5 Digital Marketing Skills: Mobile Marketing
Because who isn’t always looking into their smartphone?

Smartphones and tablets are more relevant than ever! Mobile marketers create apps and QR codes for digital marketing purposes; an example would be creating contests and giveaways within apps to stimulate users to download their app.



4. Strategy & Analysis

5 Digital Marketing Skills: Strategic Marketing
Everything is a result of strategic marketing.

Strategic marketing includes being able to utilize search engines and other digital marketing tools to ‘strategically’ meet the objectives of the company. They are also responsible for monitoring the web to report insightful analysis on what is trending, often through third-party analytics tools (i.e., MailChimp).


5. Content Marketing

5 Digital Marketing Skills: Content Marketing
Brands attract people through giving brand new, interesting content.

This technique seeks to attract customers through creating and distributing engaging content that targets a defined audience. They are responsible for maintaining the company’s standards and voice throughout various digital marketing platforms and contents.

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