5 Tips On How To Write Engaging Content

You’re probably thinking what does “Engaging content,” mean. Don’t worry, Brittany’s here to the rescue!

But before we get into what “engaging” is, let’s discuss digital marketing. Digital Marketing is the process of gaining digital partnerships, link backs, and content sharing material to participate in e- commerce. The purpose of digital marketing is to get people to see your content and act on it. Acting on your content can mean participating in a promotion, purchasing your product/service, or simply visiting your website.

How can you ensure your company’s digital marketing is seen? Answer: Search Engine Optimization.

If you are new to digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) in simple terms makes your website more visible for users to find and gain access with ease. The higher your site is ranked, the more frequent your link appears, and the more likely a user is to click on your link. Therefore, in order to have a successful SEO, “engaging” content is absolutely necessary.

Okay, now that you have a little background in digital marketing and SEO, let’s discuss what engaging is in terms of digital content marketing. The term “engaging” has been tossed around a lot and left up to interpretation, but I think it’s time to give it a clear definition. So here it goes: Engaging means interesting, yet informative. Yes, it’s that simple! You want to provide content that is unique, yet still educational. It’s not enough to be funny and entertaining (although that helps), you have to also give your audience something from which they can gain exceptional knowledge. In Copyblogger’s pdf,  How to Create Compelling Content it made a point to mention, “If your content isn’t good enough to attract good, natural links (unpaid links), and social sharing, it doesn’t matter how ‘optimized’ the words on the page are because people need a cornerstone.”

Taking everything above into consideration here is a truly shocking revelation. In Sideqik’s blog post, Tips on How to Engage Your Facebook Audience it stated that when you want to increase your brand awareness and your ROI, it is more about engaging your audience rather than putting out paid ads that frankly no one wants to see.

That’s crazy, right? Who would have ever thought that engaging content rather than paid ads were the key to getting customers? (Okay, my sarcasm is showing!) But seriously, it’s about providing an exchange for your readers; the reader clicks on your post to read in exchange for tips or advice on a particular subject. You want to provide content that is so legendary, your readers and other bloggers are increasing your link building which will, in turn, build trust with your audience.

Alright, enough of the textbook lesson.

Here are the 5 most important things to keep in mind when producing engaging digital content.

Tip #1: Have An Outstanding Headline

Have one and make sure it’s a good one. Your headline signals the yay or nay to your readers as to whether they should click, open, or share your post. Remember a headline is a promise of a benefit or reward to the user. Make the headline as specific as possible and make sure that it entices the reader.


Good Headline: 7 Tips on How to Better Optimize Your Site’s SEO
Explanation: Readers love tips and advice on essentially anything, so using a distinct number gives the readers something to focus on as they are reading the article. Today’s society is also living in a digital age, so companies and bloggers are always looking for tips on how to increase their SEO.

Bad Headline: Why Cell Phones are the Next Big Phenomena
Explanation: The headline draws you in, but the topic itself is outdated. It is a well- known fact that cell phones are already a huge phenomenon and won’t be ending anytime soon.

Tip #2: Keyword Search

DO IT or you might as well be non-existent.

Copyblogger was spot on when it said, “It doesn’t matter if the website is the best website on Google if you don’t tell Google what are the keywords, then targeted traffic is off.” In addition, you want to participate in Long-Tail Marketing. You don’t want to research one-word keywords, instead, you want to research short phrases that will make your posts more competitive. The more competitive your keyword, the better you rank in SEO among your competition.

Tip #3: Utilize the Skyscraper Technique

Step 1: Find popular content that is link-worthy. This is a starting point for you.

Step 2: Take that link-worthy content, and make it 10 times better.

Step 3: Contact the RIGHT people. It is important to make contacts in the digital world of links to get your content shared out there, but you can’t just reach out to anyone. It needs to be people that are relevant to your content. Having your link shared on one content-related website is 10 times better than having your link posted on 20 random websites.

Tip #4: Make Sure to Use the 4 U’s

1. Useful: You want to provide engaging content that is educational and important to your readers.

2. Urgency: You want to make the reader feel like they need this information TODAY. If the readers feel like the tips and advice you give them won’t matter, then you are more than likely not going to get any mentions or shares.

3. Unique: Make it content that is like no other. Remember tip #3? Make your content better and more noteworthy than the competition. If you want to stand out and have great SEO, then you have to be innovative and creative with your content.

4. Ultra-specific: Stick to one topic! Don’t venture off onto some side topic on “how clementines are the next best fruit snack” when you were originally discussing “how oranges are grown and picked.” It’s irrelevant, and the reader gets confused about the main takeaways from the text.

Tip #5: Remember to Have a Personality!

How are you going to be engaging without being interesting? You want to get your audience excited about your content, and you can’t do that with a dull personality.

With these 5 tips, you have the perfect starting point to create a lasting credibility with your readers and increase their UX (user experience). This knowledge alone will lead to an increase in link backs from other content writers leading to your growing reputation in the digital marketing sector. In addition, your site will earn a higher domain authority in SEO because of the link building from your expanded targeted audience.

Now you are equipped with the knowledge and tools to take digital marketing by storm.

Good luck!

Now stop procrastinating, and go write some engaging content.

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