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Getting hits online becomes more complicated the deeper that you look at it, Google alone has over 200 factors for how they categorize and rank each individual site that shows up in an average search and that list keeps growing! Thankfully most of those factors are already taken care of as long as you focus on creating and maintaining a current and high-quality site. Let me walk you through it.

One of the first priorities that you should have when marketing your business online is that a lot of your reach depends on other sites. You have to let people know that you exists, that’s a given, and the best way to do that is to have major sites point to yours. The easiest and most cost-effective way to do this is to publish an article or post. 

If your article is of a high enough quality then there is the potential for it to be re-posted or mentioned on a much desired high traffic site, which in turn will lead to more visitors for you. This helps the major sites by allowing them to publish more content and it greatly benefits you in acquiring some of their traffic, it’s the definition of “win-win,” plus it’s completely FREE!

So where do you start? You have your business, you have the motivation, but how do you decide on what to write about?


That depends on what you’re selling, but here are some tips on getting starting.


  1. Pick your audience

Find sites similar to yours, the bigger their audience the better. Find out what niche your site fits into online and stick to it.

  1. Keywords

One of the major factors in identifying an article is how it uses keywords, it’s a quick way to sum up and categorize an article and has a major factor in being found through an average search.

  1. Length

You are not writing a novel, people are more likely to read and share something short. Around 300 – 600 words is a good average.

  1. Remember a URL

You can drum up all the interest in the world, but without a place for the reader to go then you won’t be seeing any traffic. Don’t forget to include a URL leading back to your site!


Easy right? Now start promoting your business like the best of them and don’t forget that the more work you put into creating high-quality content, the more the payoff will be.

Good Luck and Happy Writing!

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