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Rock Band 4

See how Harmonix used Sideqik to launch an influencer marketing program for Rock Band 4 and generated community engagement, brand awareness, and product desirability.

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How Harmonix identified relevant influencers who drove online conversions through offline engagements and events.
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The Challenge

Harmonix was releasing a new game in their flagship franchise Rock Band 4. Since Rock Band is a socially-driven game, they needed to bring their biggest fans together online and offline to ensure the hype was turned up to 11.

Enter Sideqik

After building a community comprised of their most dedicated and influential fans, Harmonix worked with Sideqik to lay the foundation to manage and streamline the recruitment process. Sideqik’s platform resulted in the recruitment of 500 influencers who uploaded 4,283 videos, and hosted 594 live events.

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