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Integrate your creator marketing with Sideqik

Providing more data across more networks than any other provider, Sideqik is the leading influencer marketing platform. We enable brands to find relevant influencers, grow communities, and activate consumers in a meaningful way.

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Discover creators
with Sideqik

Micro to macro, gamers to tech evangelists – discover relevant influencers for your brand. Use our audience data to ensure brand alignment.

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Manage relationships
with Sideqik

Manage the creator relationship with messaging, contract storage, payment tracking, and more.

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Screens showing Sideqik tools that measure influencer impact

Measure impact

Measure the impact of creators and their ROI through engagement or earned media value.

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Seamless integrations with your existing systems

When working with global brands, no integrations are one-size-fits-all. Sideqik works in partnership with clients to build custom integrations.

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Grow communities

From promotions or launching your own ambassador program with top tier loyalists – do it all in one place.

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