Influencer Marketing for Technology Brands

Technology can be daunting for consumers. Use influencers from various interest groups to build trust and credibility for your latest product offering. Go beyond unboxing and use brand advocates to drive your products further.

Technology influencer profiles and statistics

Educate and Evangelize through Influencer Marketing

The Sideqik influencer platform helps technology brands reach more people to increase awareness and grow their online communities. Whether you need to find influencers to work with or you want to recruit existing brand ambassadors, our SaaS solution will get you there.

Our database gives you access to over 60 million social influencer profiles ranging from celebrities and mega-influencers all the way down to nano-influencers with less than 1,000 followers. Our open platform also allows you to add influencers who aren’t already in our database.

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Building an Ambassador Network

With over 50 product launches each year, Corsair, a leading computer peripherals and hardware company, needed a way to keep the conversation going with consistent content throughout the year.

Using Sideqik Forms, Corsair was able to launch their global Corsair Streamer Program. Forms gave them the flexibility to create a fully customized application to recruit their biggest brand advocates and provide the infrastructure to manage thousands of applicants from all over the world.

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