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Case Studies

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Global Ambassador Program
To support several product launches, Corsair launched a global ambassador program to generate brand awareness throughout the year with this evergreen influencer strategy.
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Rock Band 4
See how Harmonix used Sideqik to launch an influencer marketing program for Rock Band 4 and generated community engagement, brand awareness, and product desirability.
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Django Scooter
Peugeot used Sideqik to promote their Django line of scooters in the Netherlands with beauty, fashion, and lifestyle influencers to increase brand awareness and encourage grass-roots engagement.
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Coke ESports
This case study looks at how Coke vets influencers over the course of a year through product deliveries and how Sideqik helped them measure the results.
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Leveraging Gifting
Learn how BALR. leveraged gifting to create great content through influencers and scaled their strategy for their apparel brand.
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Major League Lacrosse

Ohio Machine
Sideqik works as a tool to measure the success of Ohio Machine partnerships with other brands as well as helping monitor the success of players’ social media.


Measuring Influencer Success: How to Measure ROI

Whether your goal is to increase awareness in a new market or drive purchases to get a direct response, the ROI helps justify the budget and resources allocated to your influencer marketing campaigns.

Join Zubair Hossain, Sr. Customer Success Manager at Sideqik, on January 22nd, 2020 @ 3PM EST to learn the keys to understanding ROI and how our team turns influencer engagements into partnership opportunities.


Other Resources

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Defining Success in Influencer Marketing

Like any other form of marketing, influencer marketing is about driving results. But how can you create a scalable program if you don’t know how to define success?

This eBook will walk you through how to measure success in influencer marketing, from goal setting, to defining conversions, to measurement, to best practices, tips and tricks. Sideqik is excited to share the wisdom we’ve gained from our successful customers with you.course of a year through product deliveries and how Sideqik helped them measure the results.

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